Where Do You See Yourself From One Year Ago?

May 26, 2016. The most successful day of my life. My College GRADUATION to be a bit more specific.

From friendships to career moves, to strengthing my relationship with my boyfriend and so much in-between– my life has changed in so many ways. I never thought I actually would get a full-time job related to my goals, let alone a job in a new state. Who knew I would live my now-boyfriend while scrambling to pick up my last stuff after my lease ended. I definitely didn’t know I’d be living out an episode of “New Girl by living with 4 awesome dudes.

Life has been such a rollercoaster, in the best possible way. And with that has come many, many lessons on how to handle what’s coming next. Here are the top lessons since stepping off the stage….


  • Be grateful and proud! If you have an education if you are currently in a class or still applying to schools. Very few have the means (whether personal, financially or both) to accomplish such a feat. Don’t take it for granted.
  • You’ll miss your Alma Mater. My school only held about 4k students, and that’s with a Master’s Programs. Yet, I still rock that Alumni License Plate. You don’t just forget what was home for a few years that brought along friends and lifelong adventures.
  • If you plan to go back to grad school. Do it. But don’t stress. Even if I wait another 5 years to go to Law School, I will still be a lawyer for at least 30 years. I think I will enjoy some free time and mad money for a while. (But not too long 😉)


  • Your first job might not be your dream job. Treat it as it is. You never know what you will gain from that experience. Plus, others notice your attitude toward a task. That attitude could lead to so much growth in your own company, if positive.
  • It’s not bad to keep looking. Your dream one might be hiring at an unexpected time. That’s how I got my temporary position at Microsoft, which then led to the Social Media I have at my current job. Speaking of…👇
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. I wanted a job involving social media and blogging and thankfully my job created it. Of course, I had to prove its worth, but it would never have happened if I wasn’t vocal in my strengths and desires. The worst thing they could have said was no.


  • He’s my friend first. I am actually dating someone who used to be one of my best friends for a while before our first date. It just makes us stronger knowing we have something more than just romantic and sexual attraction. He truly is my best friend and that’s what I need while experiencing so many changes.
  • Explore life without him sometimes. I moved up to his hometown and the first thing we decided was to act as friends for the beginning. I needed to see if I liked my job and new location, without his influence. It helps to remind us who we are and to grow individually, together and not just together.
  • Be ready for changes. Be ready to talk. We’re both still young and we’re both still growing. Just this past year we have both moved around in jobs and homes. The best thing we can do is just communicate everything happening to us.


  • Face your BIGGEST fear. 3 years ago I tweeted “SoCal is the BEST place ever & im never leaving.” Good thing I did. I wouldn’t have the job, the roommates or the independence I now have.
  • Be open. Even if you feel like you’re life is perfect. Growing up is all about new opportunities. Most of my experiences have been from saying “Let’s do this!” to the unknown.
  • Be an adult. Show the world what we millennials can actually do, in the workforce and elsewhere. We got this.
  • But not too much. We’re in our 20’s. Sure be financial and personally smart, but especially if you don’t have a family yet, don’t forget to enjoy this chapter. Travel, ride the bull, take a midnight road trip- whatever it is that gets your adrenaline going!

Seriously, people. I live with four awesome guys. Either way, excuse me while I go learn a few more things.




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