What Is The Survival Conundrum

What Is The Survival Conundrum?

No, seriously? Have you ever heard of this concept?

Before I get really into this, I need to explain that this post isn’t sponsored or supported by any scientific resources. Heck, there isn’t even a psychologist that has proven my mindset or corrected me. But, I’m sharing it simply because it was a grand thought that really pushed me during these tough times.

So, what is the Survival Conundrum?

Long story short, it’s the way your thinking shifts once you officially pushed through a trial. Have you ever heard of “the only way through it, is through it.” That’s basically what this concept addresses — except, after the hardship.

Let’s bring In An Example Shall We?

Have you ever heard those wild stories of people losing a limb from a shark attack? And then a year after recovery, you spot those same people wading the waters waiting for the next big wave?

Or, maybe someone who has been terribly hurt in a skydiving accident? But find themselves trying to convince YOU that you should join them on the next jump as soon as they are cleared?

How about we bring in an example closer to home? Let’s say the child you are babysitting falls off the swing after she *almost* made a full circle. And as any child’s imagination allows, they feared for their life. But within seconds, cleans off their knees and get back on?

Well, they have all shifted into this type of post-accident survival — AKA the Survival Conundrum. All these people, minus the child, of course – assuming this child isn’t a prolific thinker who ponders on these kind of things. All of these survivors have now learned what pain feels like. They learned that in simply partaking into a daily occurrence, they could, as anyone, fall victim of an accident that inconveniences the rest of their life. However, they also learned something much stronger within these events.

They survived. YUP.

In the midst of these accidents or trying events, they survived. So, the next time they decide to lead the pack and go full force against a massive wave. They know. They know, they can survive. Because they have done it before and they can do it again. The Survival Conundrum. 

If they can do it once, they can do it again.


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