Welcoming in the New Decade

New Decade | Can you believe we are welcoming a whole new decade? But more importantly, can you believe we’re old enough to even say “another decade gone”??? I still feel like that kid in elementary school who rang in the millennium with a big glass of apple cider. Yet, here we are – 10 years later, and it feels like the only difference is that I finally swapped out the cider for some champagne.

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But before we walk into 2020 with our heads held high, we should be grateful for what the last 10 years brought us:


Graduation Galore

If you’ve been following along for a while, you know I’m well into my 20’s and blessed enough to have gone to college – thanks Mom & Dad. Which means, I had TWO graduations this decade. I graduated alongside my best friends from High School in 2012 and then became A Regal Alumni in 2016. I was also lucky enough to start my Master’s program, but that’s a story for the next decade.  

Got the Travel Bug

Ugh, you guys do it like ThAtTt?… Because in Europe “insert cliche phrase here.” Yup, I can guarantee I was that annoying college girl after spending half a year traveling (& studying when I had the time), around Europe. London will always have my heart but I also extended myself to the Pacific Northwest and Canada. And if you can, try to visit a new place. Meeting new places and being a wanderer humbles you. 

Hello Health

This decade I started off with the best body I’ve ever had – thank you Cheer & Cross Country. But just like every person experiencing her first year in college, I gained the Freshman 15, and then the Sophomore 15 and so on. I even gained the post-college weight – talk about no self control. That unfortunately brought my health into decline and my Heart Condition (SEE. Afib) started acting up. But in a way, I saw that as a blessing in disguise because it forced me to really take a look at my lifestyle and move on with a healthier diet. 

Big Girl Job

I really accepted this whole “adulting” thing when I took on my first big girl job. It was also the single big decision that moved my entire life to the PNW. I got to work with some incredible people, on some inspiring projects. Ultimately, I found my way back to LA but it was just what I needed to prove to myself that I’ve got some fight in me, if needed. 


Okay, this one is huge. Well, all of these points are huge TBH. But this one is a little special to me because without it, none of you guys would be here. This blog gave me a space to navigate my journey as I learn to make decisions for each stage in my life. And without it, I never would have found the audience that has supported me along with way. 

millennia going down, 2020, new decade, decade, 2019, 2020, family, travel, marketing, professor, small business


Start A Family

What?! I know, I said it. I’d love to have my own family to close up the next decade with. Of course, this one isn’t in my hands but I still want to, as you guys say, “speak it into existence.” If not, that’s fine. My furr-baby would probably be jealous anyway.

Tackle That Debt

My first big goal that I can – & will – work towards is tackling all that debt that came with my piece of paper declaring me a college graduate. For the most part, I’d like to say that I am pretty good with how I spend my money, so I am not too worried about this one. However, even with a frugal approach, I still want to remember at the forefront that being a saver and being are not the same thing. 

See Those Islands

I was fortunate enough to see beauty throughout Europe, but my next goal is to visit the various islands and coastlines in this world. This means Greece, the Italian Beaches, and Australia. Of course, I’ll be happy with anything I get. 

Marketing PRO

As in “professor.” One of my dreams has always been to share my knowledge with others, however I could never be a public school teacher – I’m sorry, kids. But, professors get to choose what kind of adults they teach – Community College, Adjunct Options, Online, maybe even my own courses. My possibilities are honestly limitless as long as I keep challenging myself until I get there. 

Start My Own Business

I already have a brand, so I say we take it to the next level this decade. I’ve always wanted something of my own, so why not start my own company? And why not within the next 10 years? And before you say, It’S a LoT oF WoRk, YoU jUsT HaVe A bLoG….. This blog and the brand that came from it takes some hustle. But I am thankful for every part of it.

millennial going down, 2020, decade, new decade, 2019, goals, blessings, resolutions, health, family, career, small business, brand


While, we’re at it, why don’t we look at my resolutions for the upcoming year. After all, big goals come from taking action one step at a time……

Lose weight, well, i mean. Duh.

Negotiate remote options, I’ve never worked non-remote jobs so can you blame me?

Learn to negotiate, maybe I should learn how to negotiate before hitting that second point

New car, mine still runs but trust me when i say, the end is near

Purposeful Time Master, I just don’t want to “rush” every free moment I get. Type A personality, here I come. 

And don’t forget to use my Templates to share your Blessings and Resolutions!



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