Summer Pink Picks 2022: Amazon-Edition

Amazon || Summer is one of my favorite times of the year. Sure, I get summers half-off (I still tutor and work part-time), but I also love the bright picks of fashion I can wear to the beach. Whether you’re thinking date night or a day-hike, I have picked our some of my favorite pink items.

Tempt-Me Two-Piece

How cute is this two-piece? I am so not confident when it comes to showing my tummy. This is perfect if you want a two-piece but want to keep away from a bikini.


Pleated Tennis Skirt

This may not be pink but it pairs so well with any pink top. I love matching this with a pink tank top and calling it a day. This is perfect for both a workout day or just a comfy outfit for a day by the pier.


Strappy Square Tank

This is one of my favorite tanks. It’s such a simple piece but due to its square shape, it has become an actual staple to my summer wardrobe.


Floral Boho Satin Split Skirt

Their satin piece is everything! I wear it with my square, scrappy tank top and I feel like I am ready for a photoshoot. It’s worth every compliment you will receive.


Fairy Feather Crop Top

This was an Instagram ad when I first saw this ad, and they were SPOT ON! I absolutely adore this top. I sized up to give it more of a boxed shaped, but overall I love this top.


Bathing Suit One Shoulder Cut-Out

Just because you’re wearing a one-piece, doesn’t mean you have to be boring or plain (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  But how fun is this cut two-toned bathing suit. It’s the kind I want to wear while I sit by the pool this summer.


Pleather Tennis Shoes

Another not-so-pink item, but if you wear dresses often, you know how important white sneakers are. Personally, I have worn canvas so often that I have learned how easy they are get dirty. I love how easy it is to wipe any dirt off my pleather shoes.

$25 (varies by size)

FB The Way Home Shorts

This has been one of my favorite pieces since they came out with it. Free People did a great job with a scrunched middle and comes in various colors.

$30 (varies by size)

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