Spring Dress Wishlist

Here I am, sitting 9 weeks into Quarantine, thinking of all the cute clothes I am going to be wearing when we get out this. Because, let’s be honest. My wardrobe currently is made up sweats and an unmatched tank. But I can guarantee my wish list will make for the ignored fashion my wardrobe had to go through. Hopefully, my items give you the same kind of inspiration as our locked-down cities move into warmer weather. — And yes, I can have a pretty expensive-ish taste when it comes to dresses.

Alexia Navy Lace Dress


Oblivious Beauty Lavender Lace Dress

Price: $82

Waiting All My Life For You Light Blue

Price: $54

Alisa Floral Dress

Price: $54

Top Take My Hand Pink Lace Dress

Price: $48

This Love Is Endless White Lace Dress

Price: $54

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