So, how do you ‘adult’ exactly?

I’m stuck in a rut.

I graduated from an amazing school. (Yes, that was a biased comment.) I have an okay job. (It’s actually pretty great– I just don’t like the 5am schedule. Meh) It rains every day. So yes, I am in a huge rut.

But, I think I’m okay with it.

Last May, I crossed the stage and moved my tassel from the right, which resembled my carefree, party-ambitious lifestyle, to the left, that now stands for my worry-some, effortful, day-to-day struggle. To be fair, it’s more of a ‘truly finding out what I’m made of’ struggle rather a no-job, no-ambitions type of struggle.

Today, I find myself as the Outreach Coordinator for an Internet Service Provider in Seattle, WA. Pretty hard for a Californian who used to spend her free time on the beach reading a good book. Basically, I take care of the Social Media, Blogging and HR Shenanigans– you know, Millennial stuff. In this new ‘Big Girl’ life of mine, I often run into new predicaments, such as needing a new transmission or signing up for the right health insurance.

Join me as I encounter new problems and hopefully a way out of them while still keeping my sanity. Or just keep yourself entertained from the various mistakes I guarantee I will make down the road.

Honestly, I’m just doing this whole “adult” thing until I can figure out how to get paid to hang out at the beach. 💁

Who knew growing up would be so difficult?



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