Safest Places To Travel As A Female

We all want to be safe, but why should that limit us to where we can feel safe? A passion of mine has always been to explore the unknown- and by “unknown,” I simply mean unknown to myself. However, let’s be real. Traveling with friends can get a little difficulty when you even try to coordinate all your work schedules. Sometimes the best thing you can do is simply pack up your bags, find a place safe enough to venture on your own and maybe buy your friends back home a postcard of your many travels. (Because you might not ever see the world if you keep waiting for a travel buddy.)


London, England

London holds a special spot in my heart so my review is a best biased. But how can it not be?  The city has VERY rich history, is one of the safest places to walk around at any point of the day, and did we mention the royal family? You can get a lot of insider tips HERE. With the abundance of public transportation options and endless places to discover, you’l definitely want to read up before  visiting.


Popularity in flying to Iceland has grown in the recent years & we definitely behind that! Alaska has always gotten the lime “light” for being the best seat for the viewing the Northern Lights, but another exceptional spot to see this beauty is in Iceland. Of course, different seasons will determine the activities you can do while visiting. You can find more ideas HERE. Plus, did we mention how CHEAP it is to get there compared to other European airports?! Check those prices OUT!

Hawaii, USA 

Who says you need to leave the country to find a safe haven? Sure, you will still need to go “over-sea’s” but the long flight is worth it to escape to the beautiful greens and wide oceans found here. With 8 major islands you can visit over and over and always be met with something new. Make your trip easier to plan by checking out everything the islands have to offer- HERE.


From Vancouver to Toronto and everything in between, you can find a little European magic in this North American hub. BC on the West Coast will give you the perfect blend between English culture and the PNW environment. On the East Coast, you can take a boat trip to the splashing Niagara Falls. Wherever you go, it will give you a refreshing break from home without the hassle of flying to another continent. Get more information on what is needed to make your trip to Canada unforgettable HERE.

Portland, Oregon

Speaking of the PNW, let’s not forget Portland, Oregon. Portrayed almost perfectly in the satirical comedy, Portlandia, Portland offers health-trending foods, walkable streets and close distance between the great outdoors a lively downtown. Did we also mention it is only a short drive away from Oregon Wine Country? Start packing your bags and plan your trip soon HERE.


Here are some oldies but goodies to try out for your first trip to Maui! CREATE A TAGLINE.

Safety doesn’t have to end there. Here are a few other places that have been rated “female-friendly.” Thanks to some reliable (& my favorite quick-facts) sites, I have listed a few other destinations on my bucket list. Read below:

Amsterdam. The endless history lessons & of course the red light district will be more than enough for a great journey.

Australia. Their spiders might be the most dangerous part.

San Francisco, Ca. Fly Me To The Moon & Discover their top-rated clam chowder.

New York, New York. The city that never sleeps guarantees you will make friends in no time!

Florence, Italy. This cobble stone city has the radius smaller than LA county with the friendliest people.

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Wherever you choose to go, don’t forget to factor in the cost of safety*

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