Reading with Tots Series: Introduction

So, you want to help your child read? Sometimes, we give our children every resource we can find to make sure they are ready for school. And sometimes, even with every alphabet book we can get into our child’s hands, they just don’t feel eager to get started.

That is perfectly normal! After all, they are kids and sitting down for a few minutes at a time is hard enough.

There are so many reasons why a child may not be advancing at the same rate as their peers. But it is important to note that the earlier we allow our children to explore books, the easier it is to get guide them to fluency success.

With my experience in education and a Master’s in Reading Interventions, there a couple tried and true focal points that I have gathered to help every parent navigate this journey. Learning to read is no easy feat, but with a little bit of persistence, we can help your child find joy in phonics and accomplish early-reading fluency that you, and your child, would be proud of.

Follow the series: Learning to Read as I highlight some of these focal points that can bring your child closer to becoming a little reader.

Some things we plan to cover include:

  • Routine & Motivation
  • Alphabetic Awareness
  • Kinetic Learning in Reading
  • Fluency

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