Quick Facts: Elevator Pitches

I have gotten a lot of inquiries as to how my brand has gotten a lot of pretty sweet brand deals, so I am here to answer that! Although the majority of those collaborations come from them reaching out to me, I have started reaching out to editors as well, with successful deal closings. How? An elevator pitch!

The purpose of an elevator pitch is to introduce yourself, brand or campaign to encourage a conversation or relationship. The importance of this is initiate a conversation that would otherwise be ignored or left in spam. With an engaging email, you can elevate the success for not only your current purpose but also for future connections, newsletter, announcements, etc with this specific media outlet/editor.

This initial email should not be too long. You want to be long enough to highlight why they should take some time and energy to get to know you or your brand and any benefits they would be interested in. However, you must also understand that people tend to care less when they do not have a connection with that person already. Keep it informative but short enough to hold their attention all the way through. Follow the elevator pitch rule – 20-30 seconds, like an introduction speech you’d give in an elevator. (Hence, the name of the pitch.)

It should include:

  • An introduction to the person sending the email and the brand they are representing (whether it’s a brand, blog, etc)
  • Communicate your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – goals, benefits to reader, or anything unique (again, hence the name)
  • A CTA (Call-to-Action) or Engaging ending. This could be a question or “free” or trial products.


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