Quarantine-Friendly Easter Activities

Who else is struggling during this season of Quarantine? 🙋‍♀️ Oh yeah, big time. And it really sank in when I realized that one of the biggest days to gather would be kept in solitude. However, the more I thought of it, the more I reflected that just because we would be staying home didn’t necessarily mean we would need to forego the holiday altogether. So whether you’re streaming that Sunday Service, get ready to fill up the afternoon with some of these Quarantine-Friendly Easter Activities.

Get Crafty

Decorate Eggs

easter, dye eggs, watercolor

Why not start with a classic? This can be done right from your kitchen table – with, or without the kids. My last trip for cough syrup proved that pharmacies are still selling holiday themed activities. If you can’t leave the house, pick up your normal eggs and get crafty before you decide to break them for your next meal. Why not?

Just Paint Them

easter, crayon resist, water color, easter eggs

Who said you need actual eggs to decorate them? Grab some paper and have a decorating contest. Add a little bit more fun by adding fun designs with a white crayon and going over it with various watercolors. Kids will love this effect!

Let Flowers Bloom

easter, peeps, easter eggs, jelly beans, flowers, holidays, easter flowers, easter decorations

My mother always said “Always decorate for the holidays. Always celebrate the holidays.” Whether you are alone, in a new place or in the midst of chaos, celebrate the markers given to us to celebrate life. And a top decorating choice for Easter are spring blooms. So, pick up your favorite flowers on your next grocery trip and pair them with Peeps, Easter Eggs, Jelly Beans or whatever reminds you of the season.

Take It Outside

Participation-Themed Egg Hunt

Skip the candy (well, may not entirely) and fill up those easter eggs with activities! Some ideas include charades, truth or dare cards, coupons for the future (think “free massage” or “movie date on you”), or really whatever gets the game going. Let me know what you guys think of.

Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Get the kids involved with a twist on an old classic. You can even have some fun putting together the game if you have scissors and construction paper laying around.

Color Me Bunny

Sure you can opt for a regular egg toss, but why not get a little dirty and make some art. After all, not all art has to be a masterpiece you keep.

Don’t Forget About the Family

Bring on the Brunch

Whether your family is streaming Sunday Service or popping in a themed movie, gather those in your household and scrap up a meal to celebrate the season. Maybe some deviled eggs or peeps making an appearance in your jello bowl – Bring on the Easter Brunch!

FaceTime Your Family

What a time when separation does not need to truly separate you from you family gatherings.  If you are fortunate enough to have a family to miss, make the most out of the day and “gather” around your gadgets and cameras. My own family is setting up a time to “spend together” to make up a bit of that connection – even if it’s from a phone line.


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