Quarantine Activities That Aren’t Eating Or Streaming

Quarantine Activities That Aren’t Eating Or Streaming || I can’t remember what the outside world is like…. Lol, okay dramatic. But, let’s be honest. It has been a good while since we started our time in quarantine and you might feel a little restless by now. I know I sure do. I long for days I can meet up with friends over coffee. But as with everything, this too shall pass. In the meantime, here is a refresher on things to do in the meantime – and no, its not including indulging in your favorite show or eating the last of your quarantine snacks.

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  • Try Final Cut Pro for 90 days, free.
  • Get back into the Arts. Paint, color, draw or even craft. This can also be a huge stress reliever.


  • Take a Virtual Tour of museums and the world.
  • Pick up a Book. Have you ever down “read more” on your new year’s resolution or is that just me? Well, now there is literally nothing stopping me.
  • Learn a New Language – Alison, YouTube, Duolingo are some great sources that offer lessons and activities at no cost
  • Get Ivy League smart with over 400 free courses on Class Central


  • Build a Fort or simply host an Indoor Picnic
  • Play Trivia. Print some out and have your family take their chances on who is the best guesser
  • Or just play a Board Game! Maybe your family is a killer at hosting game night. And if they’re not, maybe this can be the time to practice getting along during competitive knots.
  • Make a Time Capsule. Whether it’s in the form of a scrapbook or physically putting objects in a box, try to capture parts of “you” during this time – not just our quarantine time.
  • Host a Dance Party. This can lift any mood and will tire out the kids.
  • Karaoke night. Most families save this embarrassment for the holidays, but tough times call for tough measures.
  • Let Audible read to your kids. Many classics have been released for free reading during this time.


  • Step up your Top Chef skills. If you’re going to keeping eating, why not skip the take-out and practice making your favorite dish – from scratch even!
  • Bake it up. Maybe you share no interest in cooking, but baking cookies is a whole other joy
  • Organize your Closet. Whether you plan on selling your items on Poshmark or starting a donation box (that you’ll keep out back until donation drops reopen), I’m sure there are a lot of items you haven’t work long before quarantine.


  • Host a Virtual Happy Hour. Technology is amazing, and so is that amazing bottle of wine you have in your cabinet. Catch up with friends without worrying about drinking and driving.
  • Or just FaceTime! Not all calls require alcohol. Use this free time to reconnect with friends and family. You might even want to use some of this free time to explain to your grandparents how to even get started – over a phone call, of course.


  • Zero out that Inbox. It takes so long on a day-to-day basis if you’re a busy bee. You finally have that extra “5 min” to actually read some of those “saved for later” emails
  • Reset your Passwords. You know, for security purposes. Trust me, it’s a good idea.
  • Finally getting around to that Home Project you’ve been putting off. Ours included installing new lights and fixing our dryer. Ahhh, the sweet (& clean) smell of productivity.


  • Workout. So many amazing fitness peeps are offering their services online, for free.
  • If cardio or heavy lifting isn’t your thing, try out some Yoga or Meditation. May also be found online.
  • Spa Days. Don’t let closures keep you from slaying your beauty regime. Paint your nails, deep condition your hair and wear a face mask.
  • Practice some R&R. Spend as much time in a Bubble Bath. Just bring wine and some soothing sounds and forget about the global pandemic happening right now. Too serious at the end, then yes.. you need one.
  • TAKE A NAP. If we have learned anything these last few weeks, it’s that we needed to slow. it. down. So take guilt free naps because even this will pass.
  • Start a Gratitude Journal. Don’t let the chaos make you forget of everyday blessings. For starters, if you’re reading this, you have youe health.
  • Journal your Experience. Or what your goals are after quarantine life. Or just about anything. This might be the start of your first book.

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