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Plum Paper | It’s incredible to believe we are already waltzing in the midst of the modern day 20’s. And as cliche as it might sound, I am ready tackle this year. Last year, I focused on personal development and I am so thankful I did because I made huge strides in who I am and leveled up to a confidence space that I forgot existed. FYF, I even started going to therapy and got my physical health in order – because if you didn’t know, physical health helps all that mental stuff. Yup!

This year, my goals are centered around leveling up my business. I am speaking it into existence right now: My blog will be a licensed business by the end of the year. You heard it hear first (Unless you’re my best friend, then you heard it a while ago).

And if you don’t know, running a business requires a lot of work and a TON of organization.

So, this year I will using Plum Paper Planners to get my life and business affairs in order. Just look at how pretty the cover is! I opted to add the year and my Last Name.

The Basics

Firsts things first: THE SIZE. Plum Paper offers three different sizes: A5 (5.8′ X 8.3′), 7′ X 9′ and 8.5′ X 11.’

I ordered the full size because I’ve got a lot of things to write down this year. After choosing the size, you will be prompted to choose a layout. I went with the Vertical ME Weekly Spread. The 8.5′ X 11′ has 18 total layouts – that’s crazy! On top of the add-on’s, all of their planners are equipped with a couple basics to keep your goals on track. Check out the slider below for a visual example.

My Add-On’s

If this brand isn’t the most customizable, then I don’t know what is. You are given to group your add-on’s in a tabbed section or have them dispersed throughout the month. I went with dispersed but I am tempted to get tabbed next time for comparison.

And if you thought the amount of layouts was impressive, you should check out how many add-on options you have.

I still want to keep my health on track, so it was important that I have a constant reminder of where I am – AKA a Fitness Tracker that allows me to write down my measurements and nutrition.

And as you may have heard “You need to spend money to make money.” And that money adds (or subtracts) up fast! I like keeping myself accountable on my expenses as I also strive to cut down on my student debt.

The last one add-on reflects my actual business – my blog! Yay! One advice I got when I first started writing was to take a notebook with me everywhere I go. The purpose was that because you never know when inspiration will hit you. This space allows me keep that organized chaos together.

I highly suggest customizing a planner that fits your lifestyle, but if creating isn’t your thing, start planning right away with their Ready to Ship planners.


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