New Job Survival Kit

Recently, a close friend of mine was offered a new job, and if you know me at all, I am all about celebrating the victories – from completing the biggest of hurdles to the tiniest defeats. One of the ways I spoil those close to me is by creating “survival kits” for whatever the occasion calls. Below I created a PDF with lined gift tags and create your own “New Job Survival Kit.”

Printable HERE: Survival Kit PDF Version

  1. Tea Bag – To remember to relax
  2. Gum – To remind you to always stick to your goals
  3. Hand Sanitizer – To always stay fresh
  4. Snickers – To always be you… even when you’re hungry
  5. Deodorant – To not sweat the small stuff
  6. Loose Change – To remember that every step to your career involves a little bit of change
  7. Fancy Socks – To keep you on your toes
  8. Kitty Cat (plush, sticker, cut-out, etc) – To remember it’s okay to hold your tongue
  9. Add a sweet note card or anything to make it more personal

Feel free to use my listed tags or make your own. Don’t forget to comment below for any add-ons you will be throwing into your basket.


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