My Streaming List

My Streaming List|| Let’s get one thing straight. Even before the whole quarantine thing, I was the queen of streaming. I can sit and binge watch show after show – and for a while, I got to revel in that gift while I kept in isolation. No guilt for finally being lazy. Whether you are ready to put the screens away for a while, or looking for the next show, I wanted to share some of the things I have been watching since Mid-March or plan to get to. And yes, I know this is a lot of screen time… But what’s a single girl without an essential job to do?

Love Is Blind, Netflix

Sex and the City, PrimeVideo

The Newsroom, PrimeVideo


Veep, PrimeVideo


Dave, Hulu

 Smart Guy, Disney+


Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, PrimeVideo


Schitt’s Creek, Netflix


The Marvelous Mrs Maisal, PrimeVideo

And then of course, our favorite classics to rewatch:


  • The Office, Netflix
  • New Girl, Netflix
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Hulu
  • The Mindy Project, Hulu

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