My Secrets to Shopping Sales

I am proud to say that one of my biggest gifts is finding a good sale. From “Fill-A-Bag” sale to $1 Days, you can count on a fashionable wardrobe for a lot less. I hope you find these tips useful the next time you need a new outfit.


Dollar Days

I’m going to start here because what’s better than $!1?! Every week, Goodwill chooses a color with a different sale each day. That sale is $1 on Thursday. Although it’s sponsored at most locations, you will still want to check online to find your local store. Oh, and in case you’re wondering. I’ve scored GUESS Leather Jackets (yes, as in multiple), $600 Yoox Pants and other branded items for a buck. Incredible.

Attend Warehouse and Sample Sales

There’s tons of sites that are dedicated to finding the best sales and even highlighting warehouse sales – meaning, even bigger savings. My favorite is Alternative Retail but I also do quick google searches titled “ITEM-WAREHOUSE/SAMPLE-SALE.” So, if I was looking for new running shoes I’d look for “Running Shoes Sample Sales.” I might not always find what I’m looking for, but I might get leads for the next best sale.

Sign Up For Newsletters

Now proceed with caution on this one as this can get dangerous. But if you love a brand, sign up their newsletters. Actually, I’m going to do you one better. Sign up for their Warehouse Newsletter. Yup, some of your brands have their own Warehouse/Sample sales and you can find out all their locations in a given year by signing up. My favorite brand is Toms and I’ve been following along for years, scoring tons of discounted shoes at their Warehouse sales. If you’re a SoCal Resident, you might have heard of Obey’s Warehouse Sale, to name a few. So look up your favorite brands and see what extra sales they might have going on.

Don’t Forget Those Student Discounts

This might not be a big one, something is something. Sure 10% might not be a lot when compared to those sample sales, but it’s enough to save a dollar on something you were going to buy without a big sale.

Follow Brands On Social Media

The biggest sale I have gone to is “Fill-A-Bag” sale. Basically, you buy a bag for a set price. This can range from $30-65. And just as the name states, you fill the bag with whatever you can fit. If it fits, it’s yours. The last bag sale was the Shein sale for $30 and I scored a total of 23 items, including 2 jackets. Yup, and I heard about this sale on their FB page. So, give your stores a follow and let them send you the news.




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