My Rocket Launch Experience

The air blew calmy as the people’s bodies rattled like snakes. The crispy breeze warned us that something was coming…. Just look up and we might all get a surprise.

Did that set the mood for an exciting novel? So, maybe not the best opening to a good book but it was the best way to set the scene for my very first rocket launch! Long story short….

We drove up the California coast early Saturday morning. Three of us sat, admiring the ocean view, as we made our first stop at Eggs N Things in Ventura. A total recommendation if you love breakfast and free Dutch pancakes. They are served with every breakfast order!

After the quick pit stop, we continued until we got to Solvang. One of the cutest towns if you ever drive up the coast. It’s a bit of a detour, but it’s totally worth it if you love small, European towns. The little, Danish town is big on fudge, clogs and walkability. We stepped into every sweets store we saw and even made it through the Hans Christian Anderson museum. It was a big highlight if you love the classics. And yes, I definitely tried on wooden clogs. Personal note, never pass up the opportunity to try on wooden clogs. Why would you?

Only a few hours later, we were back in the car to the rocket launch location. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it wasn’t just a make-shift parking lot and never-ending tumbleweeds and twigs. We joined the crowd as they all waited for the announcer to begin the countdown. In the event that the rocket would go up later than expected, the event grounds were kind enough to host taco trucks and coffee carts. The perfect combo, if I do say so myself. They even sold shirts to commemorate the event, which I grabbed in two colors.

 As more people gathered between the twigs, you began to feel the mood lift. The crowd was excited for what was to follow. Soon enough, the announcer began the famous countdown. Nothing but phones were in the air as we waited for the rocket to come into view, passing the mountain range. There was complete silence, for now. The rumbling began and the rocket was in full view. It was amazing to see something so incredible and only hearing the actual sounds moments later. It was like watching lightning strike and counting down the seconds to hear the thunder.

It was the coolest thing I could have experienced.


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