My Favorite Collaborations This Year

It’s crazy to think that I only announced my blog a little over a year ago – and wow, how it has changed my life… I am so grateful to have this blog that resonates with a lot of you, but I am also very grateful for the brands that see the value you bring by simply reading my blog. As a way to acknowledge my gratitude, I wanted to put together a list of my favorite collaborations from this year. Hope you enjoy!


We all know their motto – One for One. I cannot be more in love with their mission and their incredible style. It’s no wonder I have 2 large plastic bins FULL of Toms (not kidding!)

Pixi Beauty

Please, look them up and try them. First of all, their packaging is so cute. But most importantly, their makeup and skincare is so addictive. I rarely wore makeup this year (since I worked and study remotely). But when I did, their makeup made me look and feel as if I were a pro that practices for hours on ends – without the hours of practice. I honestly don’t use anything else anymore.

Winc Wines

Okay, here’s the thing. I’m not the biggest drinker. I can’t taste the difference between beers and I think drinks with half a shot are “strong.” I’ve always been like that. But when it comes to wine. Now that’s a different story. So, naturally I was going to love this brand. They literally ship you personalized wines to your door. Name a better system, I’ll wait….


Can you tell I like shoes? I am going to be that person who needs a closet for her shoes (actually, I AM). They send the CUTEST pairs of shoes for a discounted price – and trust me, they never disappoint with their options. I have literally never walked out the door without getting a compliment or asking where they’re from when I wear any of my shoes from them.

Lazy Dog

So, this one isn’t technically a Collaboration, but I loved their mission so much that I had to include it here. They hosted a breakfast where they announced their Nationwide campaign with Habitat for Humanity. 100% net proceeds for every gingerbread house sold would go toward Habitat for Humanity. And who doesn’t like a cause that helps them get into the Holiday spirit?

Holiday Ice Rink

I just love Ice Skating! We had this opportunity last year, as well, but it’s always nice to get invited again and help spread the word of Holiday Events from my city. Even if this collaboration doesn’t happen again, I can guarantee I will be here next year.

Plum Paper

This is the first I announce this, but you will get more information on this brand in a later post. As for now, get to know my new favorite planner as you get ready for your 2020 goals. #NewDecadeNewGoals


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