Update Your Mask Wear

Let’s be honest, this pandemic has overstayed its welcome. And although we’d love to see those smiling faces again, we getting pretty used to masks as an essential part of our attire. Just because we may not be in love with the idea of wearing masks, doesn’t mean we can’t love the designs.

Here are a few of my favorite designs that have made this fashion statement a little more *fashionable*

Just Face It

Black Lace 50pc for $16.99

I tend to wear a black mask quite often since they are so easy to match. But I like how much style the delicate lace adds to the typical black mask.


Glitter Mask 100pc for $20

Tell me if you didn’t immediately want these as soon as you saw them. I have no idea where I would use them, but I know I want them.

Earth Tones 50pc for $25

These are little pricier than I would like to spend, but we can’t deny the comeback that neutrals is making. *Looking at you, Abercrombie* But if you want to save some cash, HERE is another seller with similar colors.


Leopard Print 50 for $13(white) or $9 (pink, black, black with rainbow)


Calling all animal lovers. These are so cute and I love how subtle some of the designs are on these masks. I am definitely ordering a few of the white and soft pink.


Variety Pack 100pc for $13

Sometimes, all you want is a regular mask with no design. But just different enough to not have to resort to the typical blue or black mask. Well, these are the ones. Super soft and perfect to *barely* mix it up.


Hot Pink 100Pcs for $20

These are another hot sellers that are perfect when you want to cover up your bright smile with a bright color.


Others to Consider:


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