Jessica & James


Jessica & James Go On A Date

Let me tell you about Jess. Let me tell you about James. Let me tell you about how Jessica and James met.

They both grew up in completely opposite places; James is from a small town in Washington while Jessica is from a suburb west of LA. Cue that Journey song. Well, they both chose a small, private school just shy from Santa Barbara for their crazy years in college.

If you think this is some story of how two crazy kids met & fell in love while in school, well, you're almost right. But not quite. It's more of a story of two kids who probably shouldn't have dated, but just had to. And because they dated, well it made life that much more interesting. These dates were always far from normal. And for these two... it was exactly the type of dates they deserved. The two met sophomore year when Jessica had transferred from a big school in New York. Shoutout Johnny Thunderbird. To be honest, they weren’t too involved in each other’s lives. Mostly just a simple greeting when they’d cross paths in the dorms and quick texts during birthdays and holidays.

Fast forward two years when they were both entering senior year and you will find out how their lives started to truly coincide.

But once their story began-- you'll definitely want to read the rest. Truthfully, it all started with a date.