How to Throw A Last Minute Galentine’s Day Party

Step aside boys, Gal-entine’s Day is here and is going to blow Valentine’s Day out of the water. Thanks to Parks & Rec, we get a whole holiday to celebrate our girls who stood beside us to pump us up for every first date and came over with chocolate and chick flicks after every unfriendly heartbreak. Below are some quick tips to throwing a last minute Galentine’s Day Party.


Pick the Perfect Outfit

Whether you choose to have a slumber party or coordinate an LA-styled brunch, picking the perfect ensemble should always be on your list. Celebrating moments with your best girl friends is sure to bring a ton of photo ops, so make sure to be rocking any heart-ful outfit to match your fun-filled theme.

Grab the Decor

Shopping in February is my FAVORITE because the never-ending decor in pink and reds hue take over the store. Personally, my desk is full of random trinkets from the dollar section at Target.

Bring on the Food

This is the perfect time to get heart shaped foods and bake all your favorite sweet treats. I recently went to a Galentine’s Party thrown by Simply and Smashtess with nothing but heart shaped foods. Their pizza, especially, courtesy of Skinny B*tch, was a HIT! Carb-less and sans dairy, it was the perfect dish to make those indulging treats just a little less *guilty.*

Get Your Drink On

This doesn’t mean you have to bring on alcoholic drinks, but this is the perfect excuse to try out all those pink drinks you’ve been seeing all over the internet. A long time recipe I have been dying to try out is the Unicorn Hot Chocolate that you can find here.



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