If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve been “blogging” for quite some time. However, I say “blogging” loosely since it started off as a portfolio and a creative space to practice writing different pieces for my former job. Before I knew it, MGD gained enough traction and just a little over a year ago I decided to use that momentum to transform this space into a lifestyle blog.

Along with my own efforts, success has been supported by the knowledge gained in various courses, including Lady Boss Blogger’s Make Money As An Influencer.

Do I Actually Need An Influencer Course?

The truth is, making the switch to full lifestyle blog was harder than I imagined. My blog reflected pieces I knew could gain a large audience. I connected my Instagram and stuck with an ~aesthetic~ that caught people’s attention. Focused on Social Media engagement and dedicated a lot of time to it. But the truth is, I wasn’t making money. Like, none.

I made a lot of common mistakes:

  • I wrote and rewrote the copy in all my social media
  • I created templates to share on all my mediums
  • I tried 3rd-party platforms that promised exposure through their brands with **minimal** payment
  • All that legal stuff? Might as well give me a contract in a different language.

I spent countless hours looking up “Influencer Marketing” and “How to Make Money on Instagram/Blogging.” My Pinterest folders were FULL of suggestions and free How-To’s that didn’t really promise the return I was looking for.

What is Lady Boss Blogger?

So, you want to know how things turned around? Lady Boss Blogger is an educational blog and hubs that offers online courses with the focus of bloggers and influencers. I have been working through How To Make Money As An Influencer and absolutely love the quick lessons. It is 100% online and goes over some of the not-so-obvious things you should know to be a successful influencer.
LadyBossBlogger offers tips and tricks to get you started as an influencer and how to design your personal brand. It even dives in to the **nitier-gritier** stuff like pricing and legal.

The course includes:

  • Branding 101 and Engagement Hacks
  • Finding relevant brands and knowing how to (successfully) pitch yourself
  • Pricing and How-To create a Passive Income
  • Legal Things and Tax Info
  • And lots and lots of bonuses!!!

Lady Boss Blogger Giveaway

Now it’s your turn to gear up your influence and start making money! Along with LadyBossBlogger, I am hosting a GIVEAWAY on Instagram for one of her courses! **cue the cheers**

All you have to do enter is:

You can also use my code NO LONGER VALID which takes 40% off any LadyBossBlogger ( course!

Be sure to check back as I announce the GIVEAWAY WINNER in my next LadyBossBlogger blog post!



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