Can we talk about the crazy engagement that my profile has gained in the last couple of weeks? I credit a lot of that growth to LadyBossBlogger and her “How to Make Money as an Influencer” course. In the last few weeks, I have gained insight to really brand my personal page and use it to grow my influence.

What is Lady Boss Blogger?

Let’s give you a little reminder of what Lady Boss Blogger is, shall we?

Lady Boss Blogger is an educational blog and hubs that offers online courses with the focus of bloggers and influencers. I had the opportunity to take the How To Make Money As An Influencer course and absolutely loved what I gained from it. It is 100% online and goes over some of the not-so-obvious things you should know to be a successful influencer.

The course will dive into topics that will truly help you take your personal page and transform it into an influencer brand. The course includes:

And can we talk about the bonuses! Just when you think the course if done, you are greeted with a final chapter full of bonuses.

I Love What I Learned From This Course

Ever since I completed the class, my engagement has honestly skyrocketed. There is truly this little ego booster that comes along when you notice your audience engage with you as much as influencers who may be a little more recognized. It reminds you that you the changes you are making are the changes your audience has just been waiting for you to make as you grow and begin to deliver yourself in a much more professional manner.

It also taught me the niche that I have been aligning myself with, WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING. For the longest time I would only state my brand as a “Lifestyle” brand because I was so eager to get into everything that interested me. But this course has really taught me to take a step back and notice what my audience is genuinely engaging with – Constant bursts of joy and motivation. And of course, my sub-niche, fashion. I wasn’t even aware that you could have a sub-niche!

The longer you put these lessons into practice, the more success you will find with finding and closing those brand deals. It will take work, but this course gives you a great timetable for those who don’t know where to get started.

So You Want to Take The Course?

Great! I think you should too! You will learn so much and if you truly put the work in, you will see your engagement and following just go up. Which will convert in those brand deals you have been trying to land – because it has for me! The amount of people I have started telling me they found me from the Discover page is incredible!

You can take 40% off any LadyBossBlogger course by using my code NO LONGER VALID. You can check out the full course list on LadyBossBlogger.

And a big congrats to our lucky winner: @brynny_md



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