Gift Guide: Holiday Gift Sets

It’s that time of the year and I am so excited to bring you some of my favorite brands for this holiday gift guide, but this year, I am focusing on bringing you your not-so-average gift sets! Because who doesn’t like opening up really big boxes tied up with bows?

Winc Wine Club

I’m not the best chef, so if you invite me to any Holiday parties you better believe I will show up with a bottle of wine. They have a personalized membership that sends you a box of wines for a special price (starting at $39) or you can choose to send curated wine gift boxes or an eGiftCard. Price: starting at $39

Babe Lash Lush & Luster Kit

Shout out to the best eye-makeup out there. They serve a dynamic duo with a lash-growing serum and length defying mascara. They also sell other makeup products, but these two are the holy grail of maximum lash blast. Don’t be fooled by the price. It is totally worth when you say good bye to falsies for good. Price: $100, but check soon for a sale!

Victoria Secret PJ Set

I don’t care how old you get, Victoria Secret’s Pajama sets will always be at the top of my wish list. They bring out the cutest designs and this year, they did not disappoint. Price: $46.95

Erin Condren New Year New You Bundle

Maybe your sister is a student or you know a panner enthusiast. Erin Condren is a long-time favorite when it comes to planners. They have bundles for everything: teaching budgeting, wedding.. you name it. Price: $42. (unless you want to splurge on the whole package)

SipsBy Tea Delivery

I get mocked all the time but I love teas. I love them, and I have no shame living my best grandma self. And if you know any other tea lovers, this the set for you. Once you sign up, their site asks you all these questions about flavors and preferred caffeine strength to send you custom boxes. With the gift set, you buy your loved one a 3-month membership that comes with no commitment. Price: $45 for 3 month delivery


Who’s been a good boy? That’s a rhetorical question because all puppies are good boys. **Ignoring the shoes my puppies gnawed on** But I can’t wait to make my fur-baby wag fully happy with this big box of goodies. Price: $24.99

And while we’re here, why not drop some of your everyday gift sets that will bring just as big of a smile to your loved one:

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