Holi Los Angeles 2018

Celebrate Holi in Los Angeles to welcome the beginning of the season! The Festival of Colours is a traditional Hindu festival that marks the end of winter and praises the triumph of good versus evil. Visit one of these locations to get into the colorful spirit.


Holi on the Beach

Although this well known tradition may celebrate the beginning of spring, many Californians have already been feeling that LA heat. Holi on the Beach lets you indulge in the richness of colors while having the convenience of the ocean water at your feet. True to the LA way. It is the biggest Holi event in SoCal so don’t miss out!

Date: March 3 & 4
Location: Sea Side Lagoon, Redondo Beach
Price: $15

Whittier Narrows Park, The Meadows

Yoga, music and more! This event has a ton in store for a fun-filled day at the park. Due to popular demand, this location has opened up a second day to get into the Spring Spirit. Tickets are only $6 and live entertainment is expected. Reserve your tickets online before it’s sold out!

Date: March 10 & 11
Location: Whittier Narrows Park, South El Monte
Price: $6 online



Holi can now be celebrated in Los Angeles and other places around the world. However, the main celebration stems from the traditional Hindu event which commemorates the triumph of good versus evil. It is a two-day long festival– Holika Dahan and Rangwali Holi. Holyoke Dahan is the night before where friends and family gather to prepare for the big day. Rangwali Holi is the main day we have all come to know and love with joyous amounts of color and fun. However, the true beauty of the tradition comes from the ancient story of Krishna and love.

The ancient story goes that the deity Krishna fell in love with the goddess Radha but was concerned about his skin color as he was blue. His mother suggested he paint her face playfully to forget about their differences. (Pretty fitting for our times…). Today couples paint their faces the same color before commencing in all Holi events.

Friends Celebrating Holi Festival in India


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