Getting Back On (My Fitness) Track

As a true millennial, one thing is for sure– we can no longer expect to wake up without feeling (or seeing) the consequences of our poor eating & lifestyle habits. Just like with everything else, mother nature likes to remind us that although we live in a fast-paced world, our metabolism likes to kick back as our age goes up. This moment was very true when a friend guessed my weight and called out a number I never thought I’d hear about my own body. I always assumed I would be going into my mid-twenties with a few things under control, including my health. So, after being hit with the reality that I had let myself go, I decided to reach out to those in a health & fitness community and get the help I need to get back on my fitness track. Below are the steps and commitments I will be making to a healthier me:

Pick a Fitness Program That Fits Your Goals

I wouldn’t say that I am large, but I definitely am larger than I should be. I am also at my lowest point in terms of how long I can gracefully carry myself through a workout. This is why I chose BeachBody‘s 21 Day Fix. Their 3 week program keeps the workouts fun since everyday targets something different. Today was my first day and the “Total Cardio” definitely got me going. During the program, you also have access to their On-Demand portal and app that keeps you accountable to actually finish the program.

The best thing about this program is that after the 21 days, you are still subscribed to their workout portal for a whole year and BeachBody gives you access to a number of other workout programs, including P90X, PiYo and Brazil Butt Lift. There are waaay more, but you’l have to find those out for yourself. 😉

You may also like: Kayla Itsines BBG, Katie Austin, Tone It Up (Personally finished BBG & tried a few workouts from the other 2)

Stick to a Meal Plan

Although we’d like to think we can walk off that muffin we had for breakfast, we have to accept that the biggest factor to weight loss and living a healthy life comes from eating a healthy meal. Meal prepping is super popular and super easy. You can get simple guides from Pinterest or even your favorite Fitness/Wellness bloggers. A benefit to this 21 Day Fix is that I actually get equipped with a meal plan & shopping list, portion control containers and best of all, (drum-roll), someone to help me along the way. Cece Noyen, who is one of the coaches, has been helping me figure out my suggested calorie intake to mirror as my weight drops & my muscles tone and how this actually translates to using my portion control containers.

On top of that, she has also hooked it up with a complimentary month of Shakeology. It is not a protein shake or a meal replacement, but it is a power source that is jammed with protein and other healthy nutrients and helps curb those sweet tooth cravings. You can stir it up a after-workout pick-me-up or add to your favorite recipe.(And no, this isn’t sponsored. 😄 I am just excited to have someone help me get back on track.)

Don’t Forget Your Vitamins

Although I well aware that a healthy body comes from a healthy diet, I must admit that I am not always proactive when it comes to treating my body right. I have always been the kind of person that opts out of a meal in lieu of finishing a work assignment, chores around the house, etc. Basically finishing my to-do list sometimes takes precedence to sitting down and enjoying an actual meal. This could lead to those pesky late-night craving and a shortage of those nutrients you can only get from your veggies and meats. You should be especially mindful if you find you are deficient in any of those nutrients. I like to start my mornings with a B12, Collagen and Apple Cider Vinegar capsules. ACV capsules from Orphic Nutrition are easy to take because they enclosed in pill form so you don’t have to have that acidic taste that really ruins your morning drink.

Add Some Fun Activities

The worst thing about a fitness program is feeling that you are confined to a routine or starting to see it as a chore. My favorite way to keep things fun and fresh is to throw a few extra activities that still keep my body moving. This could include hikes with my dog, riding my beach cruiser along the Santa Monica border or even doing a round of ice skating. Some days I just don’t give my morning workouts “my all” but these extra activities remind me that it’s okay to feel a little less motivated some days as long as I do something fun to stay active.

Be Prepared

This pertains to any preparation you may need for motivation as well as actual materials. Some programs are at-home workouts and may only need a yoga mat with a few dumbbells. Or you may joining a program that requires heavier equipment, such as cycling or other gym classes. Another big thing you will need is the right motivation. Whether its a program that keeps you accountable or short-term events that keep you on track, find whatever keeps you going.

**I am not a professional in the health & fitness field. The list are all personal suggestions on how I am getting my body back on track this season**



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