Flash Those Lashes, Babes!

Every girl has her must-have items whenever she goes out. For me, this includes my cellphone, my wallet, a popping lipstick and most of all, a good mascara to give me that mid-day “pick me up” look. Having long lashes is my ultimate boost of confidence, even when I’m in such a rush that it’s the only makeup step I have time for. One of my favorite lash products has always been Babe Lash. Their products finish any look with their volumizing and thickening mascara while strengthening your lash line for fuller lashes.


Eyelash Serum

“Enhance the appearance of your eyelashes (and brows!) with Babe Lash® Eyelash Serum. Babe Lash features an exclusive formula which improves lashes for a beautiful, effortless visage. With lashes that look longer and fuller, there’s no need to apply layers of heavy cosmetics. The 2 ml size will last 12 weeks of daily application. The 4 ml size will last 24 weeks of daily application.”

Enhancing Conditioner

“Condition your lashes daily with Babe Lash® Enhancing Conditioner to hydrate and add luster. This peptide-fueled formula utilizes natural extracts and a proprietary blend to provide the appearance of fuller, healthy-looking lashes. Babe Lash is designed to nourish lashes, which appear longer and stronger. The 3 ml size will last 16 weeks of daily application.”

Volumizing Mascara

“Reveal long, defined lashes with Babe Lash® Volumizing Mascara. The curved brush delivers thorough application with a peptide-fueled, non-clumping formula while conditioning lashes.”

Enhancing Liquid Eyeliner

“Babe Lash® Enhancing Liquid Eyeliner delivers clean, dramatic lines- enhancing the appearance of your lashes. Intensify your lashes in a single stroke. Formulated with enriching peptides and lash boosting castor oil, this jet black formula dries to a satin finish.”

Fiber Extend Mascara

” Discover instant length and volume with the dual-ended Babe Lash® Fiber Extend Mascara. Seal on feather-light fibers with jet-black mascara for dramatic length and volume that’s buildable and long-lasting. The curved mascara brush provides perfect distribution while extending individual lashes for maximum results.”


I am excited to share that for the next month, I will be doing a lash makeover with Babe Lash. Using the Eyelash Serum and Voluminzing Mascara, my lashes will get Keratin Kick it needs to look healthier, fuller & longer than ever! The BEST NEWS is that you can join me too! Use THIS link and enter code: LASHLOVE20 for 20% off any product. Don’t forget to comment if you join the lashful journey as well.

Plus, here is a little tutorial for best results from Brow Boutique Spa.



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