Ellis James Designer Cosmetic Bags

Ellis James Designer Cosmetic Bags || The following post has been written on gifted products.

Experience Organized Bliss is their motto and for someone who THRIVES off organization, this company is a dreaaaam. Seriously. I was gifted two of their bags (Tall Cosmetic Bag and their Makeup Train) and I cannot stop using them. I promised myself I would save them for travel but they look so high end that I couldn’t put them away. Let’s take a dive into their various cases. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention… they all have POCKETS!

Tall Cosmetic Bag || Normally, I keep all my things in various bags to separate my makeup and my brushes but this tall cosmetic bag has it ready to go. The top compartment is the perfect size to store all your brushes and has a small pocket to fit those extra tools and cleaning staples. The bottom compartment is perfect to store your everyday makeup with your *let’s go out because it’s Friday* makeup.

Travel Jewelry Keeper || This one is next on my purchasing list. I mean just look at all that organization! There’s literally hole sheet for your earrings and rows for your rings. This is perfect when you have to travel and cannot afford to leave your favorite dangles at home.

Large Cosmetic Organizer || This is seriously one of my favorite things that I own. Personally, I use it for my hair products because the bag is just so long! It’s perfect for those curling irons and extra brushes. It also comes with spare pockets for those dainty details.

Quilted Hanging Toiletry Organizer || This is going to be my next purchase 100%! And maybe this time I will actually use it for travel only. I am a fan of the clear covers that are large enough for my hair care and just love the variety in pocket sizes.

Makeup Train Case for Travel and Storage || Another incredible case! This was the reason I *immediately* transitioned from travel to everyday use. Not only is this the perfect size for all of your bathroom goodies, the dividers are MOVABLE! How cool is that! I literally keep everything in these and the case keeps its shape so well.


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