Do It For The Gram!📸📸

Instagram is all about the aesthetics. You’ve got your favorite editing apps all hooked up and always make sure to have your top hashtags on lock. What if I told you there was yet another app to help your feed? Now you can pre-plan your photos and get the feed aesthetic you want with these instagram planning apps! Just do it for the gram.

Below are some favorites I tried out:

Instagram Planning Apps below:


From photos to videos, you can now save those must-post things for your IG  for whenever you want! Later lets you upload in bulk and sort them out in a IG-feed or calendar view. You can even add multiple accounts for a small fee. Snap it now, post it later.


Price: Free or $9 for Solopreneurs. Various plans for businesses.


Thinking of putting *that* photo onto your feed? Thinking it might throw off your whole theme? Get a preview by uploading your photos onto this app and even get analytics calculated for your account. Just drag and drop and check out all the photo-order possibilities!

Price: Free or $7 for unlimited accounts.


Choose your photo. Edit your photo. Crop your photo. Snug lets you plan your posts before sending them off to IG. The app lets you post directly onto your app and even delete posted photos. Easy.

Price: $0.99



Meaning “Out of Many.One” and dedicated to helping share our stories. Also includes “Phantom Mode” that allows you to test out your feed if you choose to delete a photo.

Price: Free.


Here are more planning apps to consider for your future posting!

Plann, free. Inclusive with photo editing and text overlays.

Planoly, priced at $9/mo. Also features private listening & smartphone mirroring. Used by LOREAL and ESTEE LAUDER, this app allows ‘stories’ planning.

Social Eazie, priced at $30/mo for 10 profiles. As Eazie as 1, 2, 3. Plan and post directly for multiple profiles all on one app.



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