Blurb: Why I Write

Juggling work, this blog  and personal relationship – a hint of anxiety can sometimes creep up out of nowhere.

My main escape has always been my writing. I know this has probably been said over and over again but often times true & tired ways are the best trends to follow. My writing led me to creating a blog that was originally ran under a pseudonym… it truly was created as an escape where no one would know what I was writing, who I was writing about or just feedback that I didn’t necessarily want. It eventually gained an audience that would reach out regarding my articles, advice and sometimes “simple, sweet hello’s.” It has now grown into a side business with the amount of readership and ads I started implementing, mainly through my Instagram. I keep the articles very organic to reflect the thoughts and emotions I hold throughout the day. It has also grown my self-confidence – enough to write under my legal name with a photo of myself as I started to see that other people in the world may be feeling or understanding just who I was.

The second way my writing has helped me is a less inspirational, but very therapeutic. At nights, I like to write the top things I am thankful for in the day. I am not talking about the roof over my head nor the food in my fridge kind of thing – although, I am thankful for that at all times. I am talking about the smaller things that may happen on a day to day basis. These things include catching the last few seconds of that green light when you were running late to work, and ultimately still getting there on time. Or the man who held the door while you were carrying too many bags versus the days where there is usually no one in sight when you go through the same door every day. You can do this with a friend and partner off stating what you wrote, or you can use it a moment of self-reflection to truly take in all the positives from the day.  


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