Blurb: Going Back to School

Blurb: Going Back to School | The announcement was made last year — this career-confused girl finally went back to school! Say hello to a future alum of the LSU school system.

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I applied last year for the 2019/2020 school year and was accepted! (I actually was previously accepted to the London School of Economics but got no financial aid. I guess God had other plans). So, everyday I studied my butt off and passed my first full-time semester. And let me say, it has been one of the hardest things I have had to do. But I wanted to take some time and give you an update on my life and going back to school.

I always dreamed of carrying my name with a multitude of degrees. But the fear of not knowing what I wanted for my future was what had been keeping me from fulfilling it. Did I want to grow my knowledge in Marketing? What about my past in Legal studies? Should I go back to law school and hope they take me back after all these years? But what about the name I made for myself in the communications world? Do you see how much I kept going round and round?

Well, one day I realized I loved Marketing and Blogging because I was good at it. But even better, I realized I was good at Marketing and Blogging because I loved it. Does that make sense? So I made the leap. I did my research and before you know it, I was picking out my classes for my first term. And if you’re thinking of going back, take it from experience, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT take multiple math classes if you didn’t major in business. That was mistake number 1 – because you can count on me on making mistake after mistake.

If you know me, I was always the king of girl that LOVED school. I just love it. I love knowing that I am coming out with a greater knowledge base than what I went it with. I love the structure and I love being challenged along peers who are constantly putting their best foot forward. Plus, school stuff always came easy to me. It was just my thing.

But, this is not at all how grad school has been. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love school. And I regret nothing in my decision to going back or choosing this program. I love it. But it has been the furthest thing from easy. I study every night and find myself submitting assignments right before its closing period due to the difficulty period. I stay up late trying to go over my flash cards and reading over my papers to make sure they reflect my thoughts to the best of my abilities. But it has been tough.

As mentioned, I regret nothing. I am at the beginning of my second term and after this semester, I will be halfway done! Like, how?! Assuming I take no major breaks or have to redo a class, then I will be on my way to graduation before I know it. And wha I’ve accepted this past year – anything can happen. But here’s to wishing myself the best in my classes as I tackle an accounting class and my very first Project Management course. AHHH, so exciting!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in how I can tackle the semester!

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