My Black Friday Wish List

millennial going down, black friday, wish list

Some of you may know that I work A LOT. And when I say A LOT, I mean, A LOT. Between my full-time job in PR to my late night blogging and my occasional shifts at VS (yes, I mainly do this for the discounts lol), I rack up a lot of overtime. And this overtime gets well rewarded on Black Friday. Below I created a wish list of my favorite sales that I hope to snatch this weekend. I also added in a few I would get in a heartbeat with my wishful thinking, but not my actual wallet. But why not share these deals in case it helps you…

Surface Gomillennial going down, black friday, wish list, surface go. microsoft

This one is actually just wishful thinking. My poor laptop is used from the moment I wake up to the moment I am back in bed. Due to the hours I put into my laptop, I gave a lot of thought to getting another device for just my personal blog to give my laptop some down-time. I went back and forth on the iPad and the Surface. And although I would love to keep all my devices in the Apple Family, I can’t get myself to pay the same price for an iPad when I could get the Surface Go that has a lot more programs. $349 on Microsoft Online.

A Really Good Camera

Thankfully is has been a very positive year for my blogging and social media presence. However, this also means that I no longer can throw out the first photo I take and hope for the best. In order to keep an authentic flow to the content I incorporate into my brand, I need to make sure I can capture the best photo possible with as little effort. I know my little, yet somehow powerful, iPhone camera isn’t going to cut it when it comes to collaboration-sponsored posts. I still have not decided on on what camera exactly I want as I am new to the photography game but i have narrowed it down to the following few: $529 Nikon D5300 or $449 Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR Camera.


If I said that I was single-handedly supporting a company, I would probably be referring to Perrier. As much as I love Perrier and La Croix, I have to admit that it might not be the most environmental-friendly option and it will probably pay for itself within the first two weeks. Why not just make the jump and finally invest in an at-home sparkling water maker. $63.99 on Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Plane Tickets

This is another wishful thinking kind of gift but I just had to share with you. I am always on the go & I absolutely LOVE the feeling of finding a good ticket price. I didn’t even know until recently that you could buy plane tickets for Black Friday. Let’s just say this sale has been a game changer. Find you own destination and price on

Cricut Explore Air 2

Now last but not least, I have the Cricut Explore in my cart ready to go. I have A LOT of projects in the works that I am excited to share with you all and most of them require decals and lettering. By the time I added up the what I would spend  in ordering all my custom projects, I would have spent double the amount of money and waited double the amount of time in just shipping.  (And while we’re here, get ready for a lot of new MGD swag. *Hint. Hint* on what some of these new projects are.)  $229 on Michaels.



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