Basic Things You Need to Know

Growing up can be amazing sometimes. You gain independence. You create adventures with your friends and family. And most importantly, you create yourself. (Not find, but create). But that adulthood also comes with some tasks that you unfortunately you need to do – on your own. Scroll down and see how many you’ve accomplished in your accomplished life. **silently un-raises my own hands**

Change A Tire

You might have AAA but imagine finding yourself in a static zone with absolute 0 service. This will freak you out if you can’t change a tire &  get out ASAP. As a girl, basic stuff like this is on my own list.

Do Your Taxes. 

I’m no CPA or anything but knowing where to file your taxes may help keep the IRS off your back.

How to Budget.

At some point you will stop living off your parents and if you can’t budget your money accordingly, you may find yourself in some sticky situations.

Own a Dish

Now I’m not saying I’m a master chef but I’ve got a few dishes up my sleeve. **Closes out Postmates app**

Build Your Professional Wardrobe.

Those daisy dukes and bikini tops may have been great for your college days but you need a solid blazer to nail those business meetings.

How to Move On.

Practice that Self-Care routine for the moments you need it most.

Make Small Talk.

Do it as a favor to those around you. Honestly, it should be a part of the agreement when meeting new people. Making friends is a lot harder when you’re older, so make some small talk and you might surprise yourself with who you’d meet.

Learn to be Alone.

Yes, you need to communicate well (hence, previous point). But you also need to get things done. And that means just doing it on your own.

Iron Your Clothes.

Actually, let’s make this first point, Wash Your Clothes. You have no idea how many guys & girls at school had mismatched, un-ironed tops to interviews. That will be a no in your 30’s.

Basic Health.

Ever had a fever and realized you are probably a little too old to ask mom what to do. Probably not, but you shouldn’t HAVE to call to know what to do.


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