Apps Your Pet Will 💗, Too!

Paws up for puppy and kitty love! We have compiled our favorite apps for pet lovers that will make your life with your little (or big) one easier and a tad more fun– like that was even possible!

Bark Happy

Want to find a dog park nearby? Grab your pup and your phone and check out one of the featured spots. Who knows, maybe the dog next door hangs out at the same park?

Price: Free

Map My Dog Walk

Sometimes dog parks can get overwhelming, sometimes you just need one-on-one time with your furry children. Map My Dog Walk is perfect for creating a route and even comes with suggestions in case you want to pick up the pace. Check out Wag and Rover for those days we can’t make it out the door ourselves.

Price: Free (Apple, Android)


Don’t miss another photo app with BarkCam. It is equipped with tones that perch your pup’s ear right up to get just the right photo. Don’t forget to dress up the photo with Cutesy where you can create a dog-version of Instagram to those Insta-worthy photos off!

Price: Free


Think Tinder, for dogs. Find your pal a friend in your location- or a human friend that will get along with your pup almost as much as you do.

Price: Free

Dog Monitor

“Don’t be separated from your loved ones- ever!”

Price: $3.99


Imagine AirBnB for your furry pet. Except this comes with a human to cater every scratching desire. Plus, it even has the option for “meet and greets” beforehand to feel the chemistry out. And then there’s BringFido for when you just can’t leave your pup behind!

Price: Free

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross

Don’t let an emergency hiccup happen without any type of gameplan. Your pet will be grateful for this app they get bitten by a spider or eat the wrong thing.

Price: $0.99


This free app shows pet parents exactly what to do in case of a natural disaster. It also allows pet owners to store vital medical records and provides information on making life-saving decisions during natural disasters.

Price: Free


In case this list made you realize how much you wanted some puppy lovin’. This app allows you to search for a furry friend nearby with all adoption information. Find your new best friend now!

Price: Free (Apple)


Also featured on Cascadelink.



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