Alternative Birth Control Options: When Hormones Aren’t For You

Birth Control || This is probably the most “adult” article I have written. But hey, let’s be honest. We are ALL curious of what is out there. So I started looking into the various options out there that DON’T compromise our mental well-being. So here are the *unfortunately* few options that are hormone-free. Let us know if you have tried any or found any options not listed here! And I hope you find these options useful.

Disclosure: I am in no way a healthcare professional and this article should not be considered medical or professional advice. The written information is my opinion, and my opinion only. 

Start With the Classics 


This one should be obvious as it’s usually the first option mentioned after abstinence. There areas many options and can be found at your local drugstore – or anywhere, really. Although Condoms are your best bet against protecting against HIV and other infections, the CDC states they have a typical 13% failure rate. That makes them about 87% effective. (Raise your hand if this is shockingly low 🙋‍♀️) Another con: they are one-time use only kind of thing. Obvs.

Prescription: Not needed

Effectiveness: ~87% 

IUD & Implant

Anything that requires a *surgical-type* of appointment is out of the picture for me. Sure, these are technically listed as “hormone-free” but you are still dealing with metals and plastics that practically “permanent” (or at least for a few years or until you remove them) in your body. For a lot of people, this is a great option because you can get this done and forget about it for a long time. Another pro: they are about 99% effective.

Prescription: Physician consult needed

Effectiveness: ~99%

Non-Hormonal Options

Natural Cycles

This has to be the most interesting find. They are the first (and only) FDA-Approved APP. (Or should I say App-roved 😜) Yep, you heard that right. An app that monitors your daily temperature and compliments it with your monthly cycle. The science behind actually makes sense if you have ever tried to get pregnant. Many women who are actively trying to get pregnant track these factors (monthly cycle, average body temperature among others) to maximize their chances of hitting their most fertile days. Now, just reverse it. By tracking the same factors, the science can also tell you which days you are most likely not to get pregnant. As a business person, I’m actually a huge fan of their model because their app allows them to cater to both markets: those trying to have a baby and those trying to avoid it. You can sign up using my referral link HERE. (Say HEY🙌 to 20% off!)

Prescription: Not needed

Effectiveness: ~93%

Birth Control Patch

CONTAINS HORMONES. So, why is this on the list? Because it kept popping up on every “Hormone Free Birth Control” google searches. But after a little digging, you will soon learn that this options does, indeed, contain hormones. It is also only available with a prescription. (Makes sense with the hormones.) So, why did I add it to this list: just so you aren’t momentarily duped.


Another option that is new… to me. You may know them as spermicides or even vaginal gels. From the FAQ and “How It Works” page, Phexxi states that it works by literally blocking the ability of getting pregnant by keeping your pH levels low. Apparently, the elevated pH levels are what helps your body get pregnant and with the proper use, these gels force those levels to stay down and prevent any, ummm “meetups.” Read more about them HERE. Plus, they are also FDA-Approved!

Prescription: Needed (available through their site)

Effectiveness: ~93%

For more information about what your options are, you can visit the CDC linked HERE.


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