What It’s Like Living With All Guys

Living with boys is great. Sometimes good, sometimes rough– but always great. However, it definitely is a unique experience. Aside from gaining new friends, get ready to get intel on the ‘boy’ culture.

No BS. You’ll get the truth.

Boys are not passive-aggressive and will lay it all on you when needed. Even in the form of mocking you.

Sometimes you won’t get invited.

Trust me, you don’t always want to be a part of guy time.

Pizza and Beer. It’s always one or the other.

Get used to hearing “Beer Me.”

They like what we like. (Some call it being soft 🤷)

They like a clean house, Bachelor marathons, chick flicks…

Sometimes it feels like college.

Late nights, mid-week beer pong and there always dishes in the sink.

They will surprise you with hidden talents.

Pasta can be whipped up in approximately 10 min. Like, good pasta. And I have never heard a better “Girl” playlist before.

Learn to wing-girl. They deserve it.

Do it as a favor to them. Honestly, it should be a part of the agreement.

Boundaries will be blurred.

You will become one of the guys and no longer be filtered on what’s “appropriate” in front of a girl.

Bathroom space. You have never seen so much open storage space.

Remember in college when space had to be evenly split between your [girl] roommates. That is a thing of the past.

You’ll always have a support group.

Believe it or not, but guys can actually be amazing listeners. And- I mean- all the advice is straight from a guy’s perspective. ❤

Although there might be moments of confusion, you’ll end up loving them. If you’re lucky, you might end up with guys like mine.



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