5 Ways Stressed Millennials Can Overcome a Mid-Life Crisis

Though some people see a mid-life crisis as an actual crisis, it can be a time that’s ripe with opportunity. If a rumbling of discontent has you considering drastic life changes, consider these ideas from Millennial Going Down and start planning your mid-life pivot.

Find Fulfilling Work

Though paying the bills is a must, suffering while you do so isn’t. Fulfilling work is central to the millennial mindset, so a job change makes sense if your workplace is a drag. Plus, Gallup confirms that 87 percent of millennials want growth and development opportunities, so you’re not alone.

Finding a new role starts with overhauling your resume and sprucing up your online profile. Start with your resume by using a free resume builder online to make a visually appealing document. 

When you apply to roles, make sure to read job descriptions thoroughly and appeal to what employers are looking for. Prepare for salary negotiations in advance; securing your worth starts long before you sign a job offer.

Become a Business Owner

If finding a more fulfilling career isn’t happening in the job market, starting a business might be the right mid-life pivot for you. Consider your passions and the possibility of monetizing a skill or creating a product.

Though launching a company can be a risky move, there are ways to avoid business debt out of the gate. 

Plus, forming an LLC helps separate your personal finances from business figures. It also offers limited liability, a handful of tax advantages, and flexibility as your company grows. 

You can hire an attorney to form an LLC, but many formation services provide the same support at a lower cost. Read reviews before committing so you can find the right fit.

Make a Smart Move

Feeling like you’re stuck in a rut is a common symptom of a mid-life crisis. One possible solution is a geographical one; moving to a new city might give you a way to refresh your life without sacrifice.

Especially if you have a location in mind that you love, a move could bring positive change to your routines and even finances. Relocating to a place with a lower cost of living can also help minimize financial stressors. 

Before packing up, research your target city and state to determine how expenses line up. Try out calculators to see how much home you can afford based on property tax rates and your current income.

It may take some planning, but relocating could be a welcome change if the numbers align.

Take a Vacation

Finding more rewarding work (or getting a raise) may be a priority, but taking time away could also help you reset. A vacation combines two things that are great for mental health: a break from work responsibilities and a change of scenery.

Traveling can support better mental health by encouraging creativity and relieving stress, notes Everyday Health. And you don’t need to splurge on a fancy resort trip to make travel worthwhile. A local road trip or more affordable accommodations in an exotic locale can keep your travel expenses under budget.

Find Someone to Talk To

Though an overall sense of being stuck may not feel severe enough to warrant therapy, there are countless benefits to finding someone to talk to. 

Whatever your life experiences or challenges, therapy offers healthy benefits like coping mechanisms, a reduction in symptoms, a support system, and insight into your experiences and emotions.

Experiencing a mid-life crisis can make you question everything. But whether you dive into a new career, start your own business, or drop everything and move to a new city, each coping mechanism has its perks and pitfalls. Prioritize the things that speak to you, then take the steps to make them happen.


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