What To Do With Your Tax Refund

Now before we get into it, let me begin by saying I in no way am telling you what you should or shouldn’t do with your money. Heck, it’s your own hard earned money. However, as a saver to the core, these are simply some of the ways I would spend my own refund.

What You Should Do With Your Tax Refund

Pay Off Your Debt


Mortgage, student loan, car notes, the list can go on and on. Maybe you’re paying of that credit card from last spring’s shopping spree – I’m not here to judge. Just pay off that debt.

Roll Into Your Retirement 


Maybe you’re the lucky (or smart) one that has no debt. Way to go! Why not max out your retirement early this year?

Get Investing


You can go big and find an advisor to help get you started or maybe you want to test the waters with one of the many investment apps out there.

Start A College Fund


If you’re in my age group (*womp womp*), then you’re probably rolling into some big milestones, including having children. And those children might aspire to go to school. And that education can come with a hefty price tag.

Fund Your Goals


I support the idea of being a dreamer, but sometime’s those dreams require a side income. My dream was to get a formal business license for this blog and that’s exactly what I did. *Cue the applause*

Save For A Rainy Day


I’m a huge fan of investing and paying off debt. But you know what stinks about those two options, they won’t take care of you during the rough times. Build a cushion then move on to one of the other options.

Pack Your Bags


As much as I support saving and paying down debt, I also champion the idea of enjoying life. You work hard, so let loose and see those pretty beaches off the coast of Italy in person.  Just make sure to budget along the way.

And What You Shoudn’t Do With It (In My Opinion):

  • Go on a shopping spree. Do you really need it?
  • Sure it’s all fun and games – until you lose.
  • Get into more debt. You might say this money is perfect for a down payment, but unless you have more money set aside, do you really want more debt.


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