WFH Location: Dripp Coffee

Let me tell you about one of my favorite coffees, Dripp Coffee. This location get its name from the way they make their coffee, but I became a fan when I saw the spaces I could to get work done. Go for the rose lattes, stay fro the free wifi and community couches.

“Dripp® is a specialty coffee bar with a passion for creating delicious handcrafted coffee beverages and creating memorable experiences. Coffee is our passion, and it is not the only thing we offer. We also have something for everyone: from our selection of locally sourced ice cream flavors, cookies, and pastries fresh daily. We encourage bringing not just yourself, but also your loved ones because we believe that the best coffee you’ll have is when you have coffee together.” – Dripp Coffee.

Quick Facts:

Website: Dripp Coffee
Hours: Varies
Menu: Coffees & Teas. Baked Goods & Desserts, only
(full menu can be found here)
Workspace: Tables available
Outlets: Yes, but limited
Locations: Fullerton & Chino Hills
Parking: Free for 2 hours
Yelp: 4/5

Both locations offer free parking which make it an easy choice to set up for the day. As you enter the shop, you will be greeted by the line formed by others to order your choice between teas or coffee, strong coffee. My personal favorite is the rose latte! Depending on your workload, you can choose to sit as the community tables or cozy up on the corner side couches. Outlets are limited but are placed around each section of the shop to give you a variety of spots to choose your seating. Their motto and way of life is #CoffeeTogether, which happens to also be their wifi password- sans the “#” with no capitals. You will find other people and laptops and the workers are extremely nice so you will never feel unwelcomed or judged for “overstaying” your coffee purchase.

Below are a few more photos of the Fullerton Location to help you plan your visit!

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