The Story Behind Millennial Going Down


Did I know my blogging would grow as much as it has? No.

Did I hope it would? Well, sort of. But I never expected it to grow as much to actually consider myself a “blogger”

What was my purpose for creating Millennial Going Down? The truth behind this blog began as 3-fold reason, as a platform to write what I want, how I wanted and allow my confusion to resonate with others entering the adult world. I had no real “niche.” I don’t even think I have one now… All I know is that as time passes, my blog has grown with me– it’s “purpose,” its direction and, definitely, its range of audience.


Practice, Practice, Practice

Writing will take you places.” That is the best advice I have EVER gotten in regards to my writing. And I wish I could say my writing was actually “good” but honestly… the grammar is choppy & sometimes a bit inconsistent in thought. But I love having my ideas written down and you should always do what you love. In this case, my writing was going to get jotted regardless of my skill level. This blog just lets me share my incoherent thoughts with the world while practicing this “skill.” It is also the perfect platform to showcase my published writing, such as my “Top Tech” section on Cascadelink.

What’s A Millennial To  Do?

I also started this blog when I first moved up to Washington. (On my own, might I add.) Being alone was going to ensure a lot of unanswered questions that I would have to figure out. My confusion on how to “adult” combined with my love for writing gave me the idea to start sharing online. I figured other millennials out there were going through the same things and maybe, just maybe, my own process could save them some time and a whole lot of effort. (Or maybe just give them a good laugh.) I guarantee I will make mistakes as I “figure it out.” So sit back, read how I learn to “adult” and don’t forget to use a little humor to get through the day.

Jessica & James Go On A Date

The beginning of this blog also coincided with the start of my first book. Jessica & James: It All Started With A Date has been my side project since my college (current ex) boyfriend and I started dating. As two energetic Aquariuses, you can bet we always went on adventures. As cliche as it sounds, there was laughter, tears (good & bad – mostly from laughter) and a whole lot of love- and you can bet we were always met with some kind of trouble. This site allowed me to plan out my book and see just how many people were actually interested in our crazy journey.


I try to stay “true” to why I began blogging. But as my page grows, I also try to cater to the growing audience and what is being requested. (Why not practice different styles though, right?) I still write about things that mean a lot to me, but I have learned new topics that have grown dear to me. From Collab Opportunities to expanding my blog to a Lifestyle blog, I am always open to new topics.

Fly Me To The Moon

My favorite thing to do in my free time (beside oversharing on my blog & IG) is exploring new places. Whether it’s road trips or booking a last minute flight to catch a baseball game, I will always be game for a new adventure. (Catch that baseball pun? 😉) As a Type A person, I have my entire list of places I want to check off when I get to a new destination. A growing goal has been to gather this information for anybody else embarking on the same adventures.

Work From Home

I am grateful for my job in blogging. It has given me the opportunity to attend A LOT of fun events and work from coffee shops. This means trying yummy coffee and meeting some pretty interesting people. As I work “from home,” I give other bloggers and work-from-home readers a snippet of locations they can set up their “office” for the day. Also, I have a some exciting news for all you Work-From-Home readers, so stay tuned!

You will also find a lot more collaborative posts and reviews as I begin my writing journey with SoCal Blogger Babes. This is going to be an exciting year, ya’ll.



  1. Ashley Nicole
    January 13, 2019 / 10:12 AM

    Thank you all for reading!

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