Maintaining A White, Healthy Smile

If you know me, you know I love going into each day with a bright, bold smile. Even then, I still use a few extra products to  brighten & whiten those pearly teeth. Below I have the complete steps & products I use to keep my smile healthy & clean and stain-free.

Keep Up Your Daily Maintenance

You can’t expect extraordinary results if you don’t take care of the basics. This includes everything you learned growing up: brush your teeth, floss those gums, replace those brush heads, add a little bit of mouthwash, and yes, actually going to those dentist appts you’re reminded about every 6 months. Having a healthy basis is the most important step when it comes to having a pleasing smile.

Combine that Charcoal

I LOVE using activated charcoal every night. My bedtime routine includes replacing my toothpaste with this powder a few nights a week to let it fight any stains in the making. I have actually been using activated charcoal for a few years so I have tried a number of brands before sticking with Tree of Eve’s Activated Charcoal. You can use it once a day or once a week depending on the sensitivity of your gums. Either way, always make sure to have a cleanup towel in case of any messiness from the loose, black powder.

Whitening Pens for the Win

If you need a quick fix, this is the perfect thing. It acts like a white-out for your teeth. Unlike the other products on this list, it isn’t the best solution if you are looking for long-term but it definitely is useful for those weekend events where you would like an extra pearly-white smile. Personally, I alternate from any brands I can find at TJ Maxx or pick one up when I am driving by Naturally White in Orange County.

You may also find them on Amazon, Groupon, Sephora and other online stores.

Protect Your Teeth, Protect the Environment

The worst thing about a fitness program is feeling that you are confined to a routine or starting to see it as a chore. My favorite way to keep things fun and fresh is to throw a few extra activities that still keep my body moving. This could include hikes with my dog, riding my beach cruiser along the Santa Monica border or even doing a round of ice skating. Some days I just don’t give my morning workouts “my all” but these extra activities remind me that it’s okay to feel a little less motivated some days as long as I do something fun to stay active.

A truth I seriously back up is protecting your teeth from coffee and black teas. Trust me, no day is complete without that extra caffeine kick, but I want to know my energy booster isn’t affecting the appearance of my smile. This is why I always try to use a straw, whether at home or on the go. My own home is actually always equipped with reusable straws that can be purchased for as low as $2. I have linked an article from TIME here explaining the basics of reusable straws.

Find it in your Foods

Another fun fact about is that I love to overindulge my day with snack packs. While I’m at it, I might as well fill those snacks with healthy, whitening foods. My favorites include strawberries and apples but you can find a whole list of teeth-whitening foods online.

**This post contains affiliate links**



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