Job Hunting & Purpose Planning

If you’ve been following along, you may know that I have been unemployed for a while… a looong while. Well, congrats to me. I will finally be starting a new job with the State of Washington next week. Cue the cash. 💸💸💸 On top of that, I have an interview with my dream job with a PR & Marketing firm that consists of pretty work outfits and constant travel to wedding expos around the country. Yes, please! Sure, I may have a job lined up now but it’s never a bad idea to keep doors open.

Before we revel on the excitement of “goodness” that has come about, we should probably mention all the “in-between.” The middle part. The gloom and discouraging phase from being employed, to jobless, to being employed again. The unemployment chapter.

Sometimes this chapter comes from a whim- you can be fired or laid off. In my case, I was given notice of our company being bought out and our office location being moved out at the end of the lease. This meant I could either add 1.5 hours to my commute both ways or I could leave my oh-so perfect job and venture out for a new one. Well, I’ve always been the wandering kind… so new job it is. This gave me about a month to prepare and save as much money as I could. In a way, this bad news still had some positive. At least I had a heads up.

Now, fast forward to the months of not having a job. What did I do first. Create a whole new plan for myself, that’s what. This meant rearranging my spending habits, finalizing unemployment eligibility and start the job hunt. ASAP. However, I also included another thing to my “plan” that most people don’t realize is so important. Have a daily plan.

I may be more on the detailed side and strict on my scheduling, but having a plan got me out of bed everyday and out of the door. Sure, I gave myself a “rest” period that consisted of sleeping in and watching Netflix all day. I mean, if you have a chance, take it. However, a week in and I was ready to step back into the world. 7:30-8am. Get up, have coffee and write down my daily prayers. ( I am a Christian, after all). 8:30-10am. Hit the gym or take a hike… Literally. Then follow a daily to-do list: apply to jobs, hang out somewhere public, and well you get the point.

There were many days were I began to feel as if my life had no true purpose. I had no boyfriend, no job and no hometown friends. And as much as I love to travel, I wasn’t quite ready to venture off into my own Eat, Pray, Love chronicles. It was the first time I wanted to tackle a local problem versus “running away.” Having a daily plan always forced me to get my day started, even when I felt that there was no reason for it.


  • First things first, create a smaller budget if possible. I cut most luxuries starting from ending my Spotify subscription to reducing my data on my phone plan. Every dollar counts
  • Find out if you qualify for unemployment. It is a smaller amount that your usual salary, but any source of income can help keep you out of the danger-debt zone.
  • Don’t stop job-hunting. The real world is super discouraging, but that feeling is only temporary. You will find a job. But you can’t win if you stop playing.
  • Have a daily schedule. Whether you’re as OCD as I am, or simply cross off ideas from a made up  bullet journal in your head. Just get up, and get out. Especially on days you don’t want to. You’ll lose yourself if you don’t.

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