Holiday Movie List 2018

Christmas is all about grabbing your favorite mug and filling it up with hot chocolate while watching an over-the-top, cheesy-yet-magical movie.Thankfully our favorite networks bring on the big hits to accommodate our holiday binging. Here are a few Christmas movies on my list this year:



Christmas Inheritance

“Before she can inherit her father’s company, a young heiress is sent to a small town where she learns the value of helping others.” This is your classic “rich girl goes to family hometown” and learns all about the spirit of Christmas. Am I going to pass this up? Definitely not.


A Christmas Prince

“A young journalist travels abroad to cover a royal family, and finds herself in a real-life fairytale.” Way too good to be true but sometimes, this is all you need to keep the holiday love going.


The Christmas Switch

Your classic prince and the pauper switch-a-roo. For every (once-little) girl who always believed she could find her identical twin, who just happens to be a princess. Plus, who doesn’t love Vanessa Hudgens??



Home Alone

Okay, who doesn’t love to rewatch this? Every child’s wish to be home alone. But the “neighborhood watch” give him just a little more adventure than he wished for.

Jack Frost

If you have not seen this Michael Keaton 19780s movie, do yourself a favor and stream it now! Magical and wholesome, this story touches on bringing some love to a young boy who loses his dad in a car accident and finds comfort in a special kind of friend.



There’s just something about classic remakes. This one stars actor Bill Murray, as an actor, who embodies this holiday favorite written by Charles Dickens.



A Very Murray Christmas

“Bill Murray is joined by Miley Cyrus, Chris Rock, Rashida Jones, George Clooney, and more famous faces for a hilarious twist on the standard Christmas special.” Inspired by his childhood of growing up a Jewish in a Christmas run setting, this special is a great watch.


Hitched For the Holidays

This one might be a stretch but it’s a heart-warming story that tries to combine the spirit of Christmas and Hanukkah in mushy, yet wonderful, love story.


8 Crazy Nights

 So I have never actually seen this movie and I have never actually been the biggest Adam Sandler, but how bad can it be? I guess I’ll find out this year!




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