HIMYfriend: Recap

Did you just move to a new location? Did you try everything you could to meet new people? More importantly, did you download my favorite apps for future friends? Well, I did… & some where better than others. Some, didn’t work at all…….

RE-entering the ~Friendship Zone~


Meeting new people in a group setting by joining others based on shared interests is sometimes easier than meeting one-on-one. It’s like the convenience of speed-dating without the speed or the dating. Just a bigger pool of people that you can get genuinely connect with.




You better BEE-lieve this was the best app in around. With its popularity, there are so many people signing up just waiting to mingle.  Simply download the regular bumble app and switch over to BumbleBFF in settings to enter the **Friend Zone** So hurry up, youb’ve only got 24 hours. ⏰



Strictly girl time, all the time. The concept of growing your squad is completely supported. However, if you don’t live in LA or NY, you’re going to have to go old school for new gal-pals. Don’t worry, Seattle, HeyVina is in town!



Let’s not forgot our men who are new, too. Real allows men and women to search for strictly-platonic mates by comparing interests. BUUUT, it is fairly new to the tech realm So new, I didn’t even get to try it out.


Meet My Dog

My favorite people are dog people. (Mostly because of the dog. Meh) This may not be your best bet for pet owners, but it is a great way to find differences places for a long walk with your loved one…im talking about your dog here. 😉



Friend of flop? Unfortunately, this app doesn’t have the recognition it hopes to achieve. I would still recommend this app if you are simply looking to add more friends to your list, rather than solely relying on it for a means of human interaction.


The final verdict:

Surprise, Surprise. The winner in this hive, is the Queen Bee itself, Bumble Bee. 🐝 Meet some new friends guaranteed and experience all the buzz in your new community. It’ll be how your spend your “Saturday morning brunch with your side of sassy gossip…” – Lily Aldrin



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