Giving Your Closet A Second Home

Overflowing closet? We’ve all been there! And I’ve got a few suggestions on what you can do too! From donating to a favorite cause to making some extra cash, there’s always ways of making room in your closet for some new fashion faves.


Make A Trip to Your Favorite Shelving Shop

You never know what a little organization can do. Take small steps if you really don’t want to make a huge dent in your favorite fashion staples. Simple solutions can be anything from clearing a few items you haven’t used in over a year and shelving the rest in closet bins. The Container Store and IKEA are great options for finding organization gold.

Donate to Your Local Shelter

One person’s trash is another’s treasure. Donation centers are the best places to find unique finds and help create jobs through many of their programs. Bigger named chains are located throughout the country with special deals throughout the week. There are also smaller stores with their own cause that can put your hand-me-downs to good use. 

Make Some Extra Cash at Exchange Stores

Depending on your items, you can make up to 30% of its retail value in cash or up to 45% in store credit. Popular names include Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads trading. Smaller stores in your city might accept more items. Just be sure they are gently used and in a condition to be resold.

Set up an Online Hub

If you want to set your own prices, or at least make more than what an exchange store would offer, set up online shop with apps like Poshmark or ThredUp. When someone makes a purchase, these sites send you a shipping label and adds money directly into your account after the buyer has received their item. Patience is required.

Set Up A Swap Party

What’s a swap party? Gather your gal pals and bring all your unwanted items. Make it a party while your friends look through your items and you look through theirs. You never know, you might just take home that outfit she work last month that you JUST loved so much!


Here are a few places I have personally sold a few past outfits:

Tattered, Located in Long Beach, CA with a ton of great finds.

Crossroads Tradings, Various locations with a higher-end feel to their hand me downs.

Poshmark, You can shop by user or brand and sell from anywhere you want. (@nickyash)

Facebook/IG, You can sell more local with dedicated seller pages on Facebook or promote your unwanted clothes on IG



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