Fun Facts You May Not Have Known About Me

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…. all of these apps that give you a little insight on the people in your life. But do you really  know them? Like know them, know them. Even with all that I share on social media, I tend to still be on the “private” side of these social platforms. But today I thought it would be fun to share some fun facts that you may or may not know.

Born & raised in LA, but have lived in Seattle, London & Mexico. 

I can’t see my life anywhere else but catching sunsets at the beach, but I doubt this is my last stop.

I was a cheerleader until my second year of college.

I was even nominated for the All-American team. 🙌

I have 3 dogs.

It’s always a full house with a shi-tzu, a cockerspaniel and my big, fuzzy akita.

I may work in Marketing/Blogging, but I actually studied Philosophy and Political Science. 

You would never know that now.

I’m deathly afraid of heights. 

Again, considering I was a flyer in cheer, you would never know.

According to a DNA test (& my last name), I’m Italian, Native American & Mexican. (But raised Mexican)

**Books trip to Italy**

Country Pop is one of my favorite genres.

I’ve even been to 2 large music festivals. Think ‘Stagecoach’ for the PNW.

I once appeared on a Mexican Ted Talk. 

I’m not sure it’s still out there but it discussed vegan eating & I can be seen enjoying cauliflower wings lol

My hobbies include planning & organizing. 

If you’ve ever worked with me, you’re probably laughing because this statement is truer than true.

I once got kicked out of an Eric Church concert.

Told ya I like country.

I hope you enjoyed some of these fun facts about me. They may or may not have surprised you but they are some of my favorite “hidden” truths about me. And don’t forget to leave some comments on your own fun facts so I could get to know you more!



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