Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been heartbroken? 🙋

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt the world around you crumbling? 🙋

Pathetic for crying over some guy? No, of course not! Its depression from no longer having your once best friend as your adventure partner. The pain doesn’t come from from a guy no longer having some attraction for you. It doesn’t come from the simple fact that you won’t get a daily flirty text or the wondering what to do with the newly presented “freedom.”

It comes from the daily pondering “what could i have done?” It comes from questioning your own value as a person who can influence others romantically. It comes from the fear that another girl could take your place so easily, physically or emotionally. From the knowledge that so much of how you’ve grown has been from the daily interactions and mannerisms from this one person– and suddenly taking that oh-so important away… almost abruptly. Actually, completely abruptly.

Mostly, it comes from the pain that you loved so hard and did your best and still failed. And having to learn how to be okay with your daily life, minus a once-so-familiar body.


  • Cry, baby, cry. Put a good movie on. Get some ice cream & just let it out. You are going to have some feelings about it and all you can do at this point is just let yourself feel.
  • Be generous with space. Not just to the ex, but also to yourself. Not just physical space, but virtual space. Trust me. it will be hard but once you get through it you will realize how much faster the process is when you truly remove yourself from it all. I actually deleted all my social media to have no traces to his daily interactions that were not me.
  • You will always have a friend. Unless it ended badly, don’t completely erase this person from your existence. I am so lucky our breakup was sparked from life & growing up. And sure, one day we might not be in daily contact, but as of now…well, he will continue to be my best friend.
  • Be thankful. Even if it did ended badly, you were given a time of your life that gave you so much happiness. Don’t let those memories fade due to the mess of a romantic split. Not everyone gets the chance to be in love.
  • Be grateful. No, not thankful– grateful. Thankful is for memories you shared. Grateful is for everything you gained from that person that is more than the person themselves. I gained friends, family-like circles and the chance to impact my ex-boyfriend is meaningful choices.

Originally posted 2017-09-14 22:12:17.


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