Dating in the Big Leagues

Let’s go Dodgers! Dodgers and Giants are a huge deal if you are a baseball fan. It’s an even bigger deal if you’re a baseball fan from California. Find a sports man, and suddenly you’ll be dating in the big leagues.
I have always been a girl to celebrate relationship “first’s.” Our first interaction crossing paths to our dorm. Then it was our first date with a classic In-n-Out 

burger.  And all the moments between that lead to episodes of pool nights and movie sessions. But your kiss… as innocent as it is, is something you don’t forget.
As lucky I was to find a guy who was so into sports as I was, there was still a downfall– he was an Angel’s fan. Actually, he was a Mariner’s fan but out of LA teams, he chose the Angels. In Dodger code, that’s a big, fat “no.”
My sarcasm was peeking through when I invited him to a baseball game. More specifically, a Dodger game. Although we had been dating for almost four months, we hadn’t made a lot of progress. At least not in the physical department. A lot of it was because I was fairly new to the dating game. And he was cautious of not disrespecting me. (By the way, find you a man like that.) Moments like these can make a girl feel a little insecure, though. Am I not good enough? Does he not like me enough? You begin to question yourself when you’re man doesn’t step up and make a move. It was time to upgrade our dates. And perhaps, also our netflix sessions.
I may have invited him to watch my favorite team rather than the Anaheim Angels, Yes, I said Anaheim. Not Los Angeles. But I sure made it worth his baseball-loving while. I had scored last-minute tickets to watch the Dodgers play the Giants for Opening Weekend. Beside the World Series, this is one of the most important games you can watch. Hands up for the boys in blue. In a heartbeat, he accepted the offer and we were set for our first baseball date.
We had formed a fun routine where we traded paying for dinners and offering to drive each other. Actually, we got in the habit of taking turns for most things. It was his turn to drive his yellow Chevy truck that made me weak in the knees. The loud added speakers and the roaring engine made its way over the speed 

bumps that covered the streets to my dorm.
Gash, I am sweating in nervess….
He pulls up and texts that he’s ready to go. As I walk down the side stairs, he makes his way up through the main lobby. I guess I had taken my time. We played a quick game of cat and mouse chase while also participating in phone tag. Was this date not supposed to happen? We finally found each other in from of his car and we were ready to go. He was more than perfect in his fitted jeans and dark rip-curl shirt and i was sporting a cheesy smile and sweaty palms.
It’s funny how nervous new people can be with each other. We both offered to listen to other person’s music. Oh man, how far we have definitely come…. It’s not that I was pretending to be fine with everything. And I wasn’t too nervous to speak up. I guess I was just so smitten that I actually was okay with everything. Including the fact that his AC had decided to break down right before the game. Have you ever sat in traffic for two hours in summery heat? Wait. Let me clarify. Have you ever sat in LA traffic for two hours in summery LA heat? It’s dreadful. Our shirts were sticking to our back sweat. Our palms were clammy from the lack of circulation of air in the car. My hair was also flat from the sun. Rough start to a well expected date. But as mentioned, I actually couldn’t care less. I was just so happy to be joined by this guy who had stolen my heart. Bring on the heat. I had the perfect date.
Fro Thousand Oaks to Echo Park. This Washington boy was getting a view of all kinds of neighborhoods in LA. As we look for a place to park, he tells me all about the stadium in Seattle. Did you know the Mariners played at Safeco Park? Did you also know Safeco Park doesn’t have any parking? What kind of sporting venue doesn’t have its own parking? Apparently this was only an LA thing. I think he’s wrong.
Dodgers Stadium is encircled by stair cases. You think you made it to your seat and then bam– there is another stair case waiting for you. At least you get a workout in for that Dodger Dog. And of course after all those stairs, you’re welcomed to your seat by Dodger Dog stands. Honestly, it’s pretty convenient because a person like me will go out of her way to get a Dodger Dog regardless.
I wish I could tell you how the game was. I honestly don’t even remember if they won or lost. But it’s the Dodgers- I’m sure they won. I don’t remember who batted or if there were any errors. I don’t even remember if we were followed by the drenching heat from the car. The man who was sitting next to me had me so smitten that all I remember to this day is the fact that I got to share one of my favorite past times with one of my favorite humans. But I do remember his laugh and how he would cheer the Giants on to get me annoyed. Annoyed in the best way. But mostly. I remember how he grabbed my waist and turned me around to take a picture of us with the stadium in the background. I remember cheering on one of the last plays (see- I’m sure the Dodger’s won) and having him join me as I jumped around with the crowd. He put his camera out and captured the first moment between us that made me secure that he was mine and I was his. No wonder Baseball is America’s favorite past time. It’s so romantic.


Yes. The car ride back meant sitting in his yellow truck for an hour while we waited for the crowds to pour out of Dodger Stadium. And sure, it also meant another two hours to get back home in Ventura. It also meant getting to sit with a guy I was crazy over. It’s a good thing I liked the yellow truck and boy in it. Throw in some In-N-Out and we’re back were we started. Only this time, it wasn’t the first date. It was the date where we took pictures of each other. It’s the date where I could hold his hand while we waited for our food. It’s also the date where I knew he would kiss me goodnight. Him telling me I was perfect was just an added bonus. Who knew Baseball could be so romantic…



  1. Anonymous
    August 3, 2018 / 1:16 AM

    This is great!

  2. February 13, 2020 / 1:19 AM

    This story cardinally changed my life. I really love your report and wish you could write even more than you have already written.

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