What I Learned at Create & Cultivate’s Work Party

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Create & Cultivate’s Work Party in Los Angeles with Jaclyn Johnson herself. The panel of incredible women included Justina Blakeney, founder of The Jungalow, Rivka Rossi, Co-Founder of HelloGiggles, Whitney Leigh Morris, The Tiny Canal Cottage, and Hillary Kerr, Co-Founder of WhoWhatWear. Below I have a snippet of the platforms created by Jaclyn and a recap  of the inspiring words from these boss babes.

Create & Cultivate

Create & Cultivate is an online platform and offline conference for women looking to create & cultivate the career of their dreams.


WorkParty™ is a movement for a new generation of women who are redefining the meaning of work on their own terms. WorkParty™ is powered by Create & Cultivate and includes the book authored by Create & Cultivate CEO Jaclyn Johnson plus a forthcoming podcast and nationwide tour where we will bring the WorkParty™ to you!


Work Party Recap:

Momentum is key

People cannot wait 3 months to put out there. 80% done if you are too crammed. Consistency in time, content and the effort you put into your work. Some people are just not successful because they are taking TOO much time

Know what you are putting out there. Backwards & forwards

Say it out loud. Always be as prepared as you possibly can be. Some people think the presentation will speak for itself. But you have to be prepared enough if something falls through.

When you start something, you have to think it’l be yours forever. 

If you believe it will be yours forever, it becomes more personal. But if you are offered money (good money). Sell it. Its not a family business & you can always create something amazing again. 

Don’t be afraid to move on – from your current position.

Bosses expect people to go. To move on. So if you are set on your next career goal. Dont be afraid. Its not a conversation. But good notice, a solid plan to transition out and help another transition in is always valuable. And especially a lot of grace.

Don’t make collaborations & partnerships your main dish. 

Because then you’re dependent on THOSE other brands, rather than putting your focus and energy on growing your own brand. Choose something you can produce to be your main dish and then make the other “fun” stuff the side dishes. And don’t forget, [successful] things will take time. Scratch that, ALL things take time.

Brand Strategy isn’t just numbers & data. 

Data isn’t everything because it only shows you strategy – strategy that has been used and doesn’t account for any moving parts for the future. Looking at past strategy & depending on solely that doesn’t open the door to forward thinking. That kind of creative process doesn’t come from data. It comes from brand strategy & showing people what they don’t know that they want.

If you like it, someone else likes it too.

This is especially true for content creators, whether it be future blog posts or curating your instagram feed. Just because some people do minimalist doesn’t mean you have to also to succeed. Your people will find you. Its just easier with a creative type of niche. Creators don’t always look at magazines anymore so people are inspired by influencers who are more real – so, just give your OWN thing a spin

Go the extra mile.

Always show up when you have made the commitment. Even if you are “busy.” Keeping your word is more important that you realize and will follow you as you grow in your career. Find your people to truly rise together. This can be done by networking and going the extra mile for people in your existing circles. “All boats rise with the tide.”

Not ALL, just MOST.

“I dont need it ALL. Im not going to get it ALL. ALL is overwhelming. But MOST is okay.” A very important rule especially if you are a mom, have a full time job, other projects, etc.


Follow Along with The Tour:

Jaclyn Johnson’s brand is new to me and after my first event, I can guarantee I will attend every local Create & Cultivate event here after! And you if you are not in Los Angeles, you are in luck! This awesome brand travels and hosts a rotates between an inspiring panel. Check out their site to see the next stops on their Work Party Tour. You can even get a recap of Create & Cultivate’s favorite moments from the LA event on their site.



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