Books to Inspire Your Bookshelf

Lately, I have been looking high and low for inspiration as to what is “next.” I am not sure if I need a complete career change or simply a new environment and space to what I already know and do. Either way, I have been eager to press that “refresh” button. Whether this decision is written in neon on lights for you – and if so, you are very fortunate – you could still use a few books written by and for women who are ready to kick those Sunday Scaries in the butt and own their Mondays going forward.


“The must-have book for millennial women who want to create & cultivate the career of their dreams. Find out how to turn distrust into determination, frustration into fuel, and heartache into hard work.”

Leave Your Mark

“Now, in her first book, Aliza is here to tell her story, complete with The Devil Wears Prada-esque moments and insider secrets. Drawing invaluable lessons from her experience as a top fashion publicist, Licht shares advice, inspiration, and a healthy dose of real talk in LEAVE YOUR MARK. She delivers personal and professional guidance for people just starting their careers (“ ‘To Whom It May Concern’ never concerns anyone”) and for people who are well on their way (“Don’t just learn your job, learn everyone else’s”). With a particular emphasis on communicating and building your personal brand, something she knows a thing or two about, Aliza is your sassy, knowledgeable guide to the contemporary working world, where personal and professional lines are blurred and the most important thing you can have is a strong sense of self.”

The Girl’s Guide to Starting Your Own Business

“Geared toward the unique challenges faced by self-employed business women and updated for the social media-driven, post-financial crisis world & The Girl’s Guide to Starting Your Own Business offers solutions and advice for handling a range of issues, including how to write a business plan, how to secure funding, and how to hire (and fire) employees. Caitlin Friedman and Kimberly Yorio share practical information drawn from their own extensive experience in the public relations, marketing, and consulting fields. Their concise and engaging advice is explained through entertaining tips, lists, and quizzes that speak directly to women who are dreaming of starting, or have already started, their own businesses.”

I am Malala

I AM MALALA is the remarkable tale of a family uprooted by global terrorism, of the fight for girls’ education, of a father who, himself a school owner, championed and encouraged his daughter to write and attend school, and of brave parents who have a fierce love for their daughter in a society that prizes sons.

I AM MALALA will make you believe in the power of one person’s voice to inspire change in the world.”

How to Win Friends & Influence People

You can go after the job you want—and get it!

You can take the job you have—and improve it!

You can take any situation—and make it work for you!

Dale Carnegie’s rock-solid, time-tested advice has carried countless people up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives. One of the most groundbreaking and timeless bestsellers of all time”



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